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If Your Friend – s Beau Hits On You

It’s a very awkward position to be ter. The spouse or bf of a person you’re good friends with makes a pass at you. What should you do?

One thing you need to know is that everything could be about to switch. This person waterput you te an awful position. You could be seen spil inviting it, instigating it, mutually insinuating it, or having considered it. Albeit it’s wrong, this is the way it is. It’s not fair, it’s not right, but it is what it is.

Evaluate the Pass

Do you indeed believe it wasgoed a come-on? Maybe getting an objective opinion will help. Talk about it with a impreciso third party like a friend that doesn’t know hier, or even your hairdresser or someone at your gym. Describe the incident spil objectively spil you can. Is there a chance you’re overheen reacting? Wasgoed it harmless affection, or playfulness? Or wasgoed it truly a down and dirty pass at you?

Should you tell you’re playmate? I would. Instantly. It has bot my practice that eventually, all truths come out. The best thing you can do for yourself ter all your relationships is to make sure you’re always seen ter an fair and accurate light. If you don’t say something, and this comes out straks, your muffle could be misinterpreted spil consent. The amount of time you let lapse afterward is also suspect. If you don’t instantly say “No,” it can be misunderstood spil your telling, “I have to think about it. It’s obviously not bothering mij so much or I would have reacted.”

Sparing someone’s feelings is a well-intended thought, but I don’t think it’s practical to keep something like this from your playmate. If he were the one that got succesnummer on, I’d want to know. I also think playmates should attempt to treat things like this together. I think it strengthens your unie and promotes honesty.

There is a chance your friend won’t believe you. Love can be vensterluik. And stupid. You have to be aware that your good intentions could cost you your friend. This isn’t about fairness. It’s just the way it is.

1 – Instantaneously Call Him Out. – If you can pull your shit together rapid enough, get passed being stunned and get busy making a toneel. It can be just inbetween you and he, or it can involve others if they’re present. This option eliminates any appearance that you thought about it at all. It says, “Hell, NO!” loudly and clearly. Don’t speak softly. Don’t lower your voice, which lowers you to his level. Instead say it so that anyone te earshot can hear. You will never be suspect if you can do that.

One way to do that is to scream your friend’s name. When she gets there, tell him to repeat what he just said. Odds are he won’t come clean about it. So you will have to. “Your man here just asked mij if I want to take a private tour of his bedroom. How do you think I should take that?”

If no one is around, your reaction will be his word against yours. Reminisce that this person waterput you te this position very uncaringly. He knows it could ruin your friendship and he obviously doesn’t care. He does not deserve your delicateness or understanding. He wasgoed willing to cost you a good overeenkomst. Charge him right back for that expense. Your reaction should still be noisy, and upset, and clear. And it shouldn’t quiet the next time you see anyone. Spil soon spil you can voeling your friend and tell hier you will never be alone ter the same slagroom with him again. Say it clearly and forcefully. Be fair and forthright about what happened. Don’t cease and desist. It’s the best way to preserve your good intentions and his bad ones.

Two – If you don’t want to make a toneel or involve your friend, your message should still be strong and clear: “When I tell my hubby what you said, what do you think he’s going to say? When he and I go to your wifey and tell hier together, what do you think is going to toebijten? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Even if you take suggestion 1 or Two, there is still a chance your friend won’t believe you. Here’s some solace for that thought.

Eventually, all cheaters and liars are found out. Eventually, he will succesnummer on someone else or get caught te a date. No matter what she does, she will eventually know.

One last thought – you weren’t special. Don’t idiot yourself into thinking you should protect this enmarañar because he would never cheat on your friend, it’s just that he can’t control himself around “you.” A empaquetar is a complicar. Don’t everzwijn let your head go to that kleintje of egotistical place, or that zuigeling of lonely place, that you attempt to justify his making a pass at you because it wasgoed “you.” This will never be the case. Don’t be tricked – by him or by yourself

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