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Criticism He is also criticized by many for the abusive languages and Eighteen+ contents used te his movies but then there are a lotsbestemming of people te the support spil well.

6. Movie style = Superwoman

His movie format is similar to that of ||Superwoman|| aka Lilly Singh who got the yam-sized popularity all overheen the world. However, hier contents are woman oriented and have película del Oeste appeal while Bhuvan Bam content is fully desi and framed to suit youthfull Indian kids specifically.

7. Bhuvan Bam’s Very first YouTube Movie

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Bhuvan Bam uploaded his very first movie named ‘The Chakhna Issue’ back ter 2014. It had only received 10-15 views back then. However the movie has bot deleted by Bhuvan Bam but you can love the same movie here. It wasgoed re-uploaded by his ventilatoren.

8. Collaboration with The Virulento Fever

He recently collaborated with “The Virulento Fever” ter the movie TVF Bhootiyapa Bachelors Vs Ghost on invitation from Jeeji of Jeeji Veerji, Screen Patti YouTube channel. He also jammed with Vaibhav bundhoo te a live Facebook session by TVF. This wasgoed his very first big collaboration with any other YouTube channels. He wasgoed te the lead role of the 2nd scene of “TVF bachelors” spil well te the movie “Bachelors vs Landlord ft. BB ki Vines”

9. Massive Popularity

Bhuvan Bam is massively popular among teenagers and post-teen boys of North India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Te fact, he very first got vírico ter Pakistan through Facebook. Only then he determined to create a Facebook pagina and the YouTube channel, which wij know now. He is recently gaining the giant fan following among damsels too.

Ten. Criticism

He is also criticized by many for the abusive languages and Legitimate+ contents used ter his movies but then there are a lotsbestemming of people ter the support spil well. The volgers argue that this is the way modern youth talks te Delhi and he is just demonstrating the uncensored reality. This is how a quora user responds to a similar question about BB and his abusive language thing.

“People Who are telling that he uses abusive language should come to Delhi, then they’ll know what manhandles are. If A fellow from Delhi can not manhandle than who can.”

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