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Thesis people are just like the e mails that tell you how much you are going to get from a Lottery, or how they are the Lawyer for an Estate, and you are the only beneficiary, the only difference is the e mailers like your one are a little less demonstrable, te terms of intentions.

I write for another webstek and have only bot doing it for a week. Yesterday I get this email from one of their other writers wanting my huis phone number and criticizing my (total of Two) articles posted to the webpagina.

When I wasgoed junior I grew up te a very backward place, I would say about 40 years behind the surplus of the country. It wasgoed petite and very rural.

Pam- Better to be safe than sorry. Don’t wij have enough issues to worry about instead of thesis toegevoegd unnecessary punt. I have had one geschreven nuisance which I wouldn’t exactly label stalking but still it happened. Maybe at some point I will write a hub.

NO WAY! There are nuts everywhere. You are right to maintain your boundaries. If this person is sending you tedious emails, the last thing you need is for this person to be calling you. Get out of there, ASAP.

Do you even have to ask. That’s insane. Given the types of communication avenues today, there is no need to give out your number. If this persona has writerish stuff to talk about, well perhaps actually. you know. writing it is good enough. Given the length of the email replies, I’d have to wonder at the mental stability of this person, watching spil they keep pushing.

I’ve had some pretty persistent marketing types who keep pushing to talk on the phone. I think there’s spil good a chance that’s what it wasgoed, spil a crazy person.

Is there indeed that much of a difference? Thesis idiots give all marketers a bad name.

Asking for someones phone number crosses the line.

Never!! I’m sorry you had to overeenkomst with this. Some people are too weird.

No I wouldn’t. You have every right to maintain your privacy. You don’t even have to exchange emails with them if you don’t feel like it.

No. too pushy, I had something fairly similar on another webpagina and because I refused, she rated almost all of my articles one strak. which wasgoed ge of hier, but it didn’t effect any traffic switches or anything so it wasgoed pointless.

Oh, I used to use that &quot,I truly truly want you to give mij your number so that I can discuss significant writerish-type crap with you&quot, line sooooo many times back te my single days!

Not that person’s place either to ask for your information or to criticize your work. You did the right thing by passing it up to your editor. You should not have to leave overheen this, the other person should be let go.

Thanks Maggie. I indeed appreciate your input. That wasgoed my feeling. If it doesn’t zekering I’ll go voluntarily, I don’t need it, gravely.

Thanks silver rose and waynet–that’s hind of how I read it. If anything the emails just cemented my initial impression.

Jeepers! What a creepy person! Overlook it Pam. That kleintje of behaviour is neither habitual strafgevangenis necessary.

A duo of years back. I had something similar on Myspace with my music. They were critical of my material but dreamed to voeling mij te person to discuss my possible joining up with their company to write. I checked them out. they were very sly scam artists. I deleted them and blocked them. Never heard from them again.

You are very right and wise to not give individual voeling information to anyone. If they have good intentions. they won’t mind building your trust through emails or snail mail correspondence.

Interesting! So it could be scammers, it felt ‘off’. Thanks for sharing that, it indeed validated a gut feeling I had about it.

The netwerk is infested with scammers. mostly with artists and songwriters but I am sure they are branching out into blog writers. it is very lucrative and usually right on the edge of being illegal.

Yeah, I’ve noticed it’s gotten alot uglier out there just te the past six months or so. I always report Spam and manhandle emails here at HP. Ironically, right after posting this I got a spam email through HP from someone asking for $2K for a boat toegangsbewijs or something that they would pay back, promise, promise.

You said all, &quot,scam artists.&quot, Why would they be pushing that hard? Reject and Block them if possible.

That kleintje of behaviour is earnestly creepy!

Bijzonder from the ‘stalker’ opzicht, permitting somebody to phone you te the daytime can be a serious waste of time.

Both of us work from huis, and know that it is part of the job to guard our time.

The webstek administrator should help you (te our opinion).

I would not have given out any information to that person. It’s his issues, and you should not feel obligated to response or treat the situation. Good executive decision!

Countrywoman, I agree with you.

Even a 50 year old can postbode 20/30 year old picture of themselves unless the picture one posts is scanned ter police records and makes it lighter to identify those &quot,actual molesters&quot, it doesn’t make much sense to mij one way or other. I am working for a large company spil a total time employee and I do have my own privacy concerns. And spil long spil one is within the TOS of this webpagina then it is up to the individual what level of anonymity one desires. After all wij are individually responsible for our professional and individual life. I hope you are fine and not too upset with that email.

I am fine, thanks! But I’m rethinking being my existente self online.

Pam- You are a utter time writer and you need to keep building your brand. You have built a good brand so far. And any webpagina that you host make sure you keep the information like hosting/other informatie private(just a few dollars more vanaf year).

Good news countrywoman–I just heard back from the editor of the webpagina and he’s going to talk to the intrusive person. He said I don’t have to give my phone number to anyone.

Can I say to you, that I merienda stupidly talent out some details leaving gaps, enough I thought to buy it each way for mij. ie if the peron wasgoed for existente, I would benefit from all the semingly tangible goodies suggested. If not I figured they wouldn’t have the total picture.

How wrong I wasgoed, it is relatively effortless to hack into another remote laptop. I had stuff of mine, shown on another Webpagina, unluckily for them, they left mij a Gap where I could see who it wasgoed doing it.

So never never everzwijn give out your Huis Number, never turn your Camera on unless you know who it is. It is amazing what can be done with just a little informatie.

Thesis people are just like the e mails that tell you how much you are going to get from a Lottery, or how they are the Lawyer for an Estate, and you are the only beneficiary, the only difference is the e mailers like your one are a little less evident, ter terms of intentions.

Pam- That is good news. Pressurizing someone to expose more than what one is ready to do so shouldn’t be encouraged at all. Since by yielding to pressure wij are strengthening there cause. I am sure very soon you will be making more money and of course being even more more satisfied (no office politics, choosing our working hours) is a superb bliss ter itself. I am so glad for you. Now I can waterput my mind at ease and go back to work (albeit weekend mood has already kicked ter). Have a fine weekend.

I just think it’s absolutely fishy that they even asked. I’ve received a few &quot,glowing&quot, e.mails about how &quot,wonderful&quot, my writing is, only to have included spil well stuff that make it clear the person is, at best, looking to build a list of some zuigeling, or otherwise has ulterior motives.

Maybe the difference (for you) inbetween this webpagina and the other one is that the other ones has more people out looking for people, especially, maybe, women).

ledefensetech, good point.

I think it’s a reaction to the economy. People are getting desperate and crossing lines that te better times, they would not cross. Much like random violence I’d expect this sort of &quot,pressure salesmanship&quot, to increase. It’ll only get worse spil the economy worsens. It helps, I think, to pursue several avenues during thesis troubled times. I, personally, am considering going back to schoolgebouw, ultimately to graduate spil a Physician’s Assistant. I figure soon they’ll have spil much actual say spil doctor’s without all the headaches of being a doctor. Plus I’ll have skill and abilities that most people won’t and ter a pinch I can use those abilities to keep mij and my family fed. That’s a worst case script however, I hope that things won’t collapse that far.

I toevluchthaven’t seen that thread about talk, but I have noticed an increase ter caudillo weirdness at the sites I write for.

I had something like that toebijten to mij. Someone wasgoed claiming they desired to buy some of my artwork. I am sure that they wished to get it for free and give mij a lovely cashiers check to voorkant it. lol.

It’s very likely true that the economy is pushing people toward being more aggressive.

ledefensetech, after the very first Three decades living spil an adult, it does get pretty frustrating. One day if you have see a news program about some woman going crazy and doing some horrible thing from the top of a downtown building – you’ll know who it is.

Total name, address and birth date. Thesis especially together should be never exposed te the televisiekanaal. Unless you are sure that the webpagina is legitimate (bankgebouw, .gov etc.) never publish this gegevens or give it to anyone. Identity theft is common and its effortless to be a victim.

I’m sure most of you have received w-mails form some African country asking for your details sot that they can send you some fortune. When they get the informatie they forge an ID and apply for credit, credit check being done on your credit status they get the money and you end up owing to a credit agency located somehere out there.

This being said here it smells totally like stalking. Asking for the phone no. Purely fledgling and out of style. The efectivo kunst is getting the lady asking for the no. And even having the chance to exchange mails. What a luxury.

I would say this would be an obsessed person, platonic feelings and undoubtedly some pathalogical condition spil he unconciously coerces himself to failure so that he can practice more the mental ache he is suffering. Poor fellow.

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