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Should I Tell on Best Friend Wifey to Be

I have a best friend that is about to get married and I caught the gf cheating on him!

If I were you I will be proud to tell them even if I miss him.

To lose a friend (If he doesn’t understand that it is your duty to save him) better than losing your values.

I suggest you talk to hier and tell hier you witnessed hier. Tell hier if she doesn’t tell your friend you will. Maybe she will do the right thing. If you do end up telling your friend tell him you talent hier the option very first. Good luck

If he cheated on hier then she most likely found out somehow and is just out for payback, i know your loyalty is with your friend but i would stay out of it since he cheated on hier too.

From what I have learned, I would not say a word! Someone I know, their spouse cheated. Because I said &quot,I’ll stand behind you whatever you choose&quot, I ended up being the one that &quot,caused&quot, him to cheat, and I am the one who got blamed!

I’m going to disagree with everyone and say don’t tell.

It’s not your problem and it’s not your relationship. If they have both cheated that is up to them. People cheat for fountains of reasons and not all mean that they aren’t still ter love.

Hard to determine, it is their private business, but I guess he has the right to know.

I’m with Izzy M on this one.

It’s not all that uncommon to sow last wild oats before getting married. Who knows, either/both might not be all that bothered by the idea, or at least not enough to call off the wedding.

The marriage may, te fact, be a ‘train wreck’ but it’s their ‘train wreck’ to practice.

I agree with MM and Izzy, especially since the beau has cheated, too.

Do you indeed want to be the one responsible for ending what could become a beautiful relationship?

Very difficult to determine whats the best thing to do. I think you should confront hier and tell to tell him what she has done. Having said that he cheated on hier spil well, you never know it might a vengeance

What do you call cheating? Could be just a friendly meeting inbetween boy and doll.

If he were &quot,some guiltless, sweet, person&quot, who would never cheat on hier, I can see how difficult a dilemma it could be to determine whether you should tell or not tell. It looks to mij spil if they deserve each other. I wouldn’t worry about either of them. Let them do their thing. It’s their business. Spil my mother used to say, &quot,What good for the goose is good for the gander.&quot,

I would undoubtedly tell, if your friend means anything to you at all. If were about to get married, I’d want to find out about any kleintje of cheating before making the fattest mistake of my life. Please tell! You’re doing them a yam-sized valimiento.

but. if you were programma to get married would you cheat on your fiance? Te the case of the OP’s best friend, it sure doesn’t look to mij spil if that friend worries a lotsbestemming about things like &quot,friendship meaning something&quot, (or &quot,engagement&quot, meaning something&quot,), &quot,loyalty&quot, or &quot,honesty&quot.

Not to mention &quot,ignorance is bliss&quot, and &quot,what you don’t know won’t hurt you&quot, and any number of other wise sayings !

If they are both joyfully cheating on each other, let them get on with it.

I would tell. I merienda told on my best friend even however I didnt like hier spouse.

The zindelijk thing to do is to tell your friend about it. It will hurt, no doubt. But it would be better for him to know the truth now than for him to know after he already tied the wrong with the woman. After all what’s the ensure that he will not know about it from somebody else straks? Better that he knows about it from a friend than from someone else who does not care for him at all.

Personally, I have done both. I have confronted the dishonest party about the cheating only because they had expectations of a very squeaky clean, monogamous relationship, and violating that would mean the end of the relationship. I didn’t go to the other playmate and rat the other one out. I just confronted the cheater and told them that if I knew what went on, that others would surely know also. And if that’s the case, they better be ready for the consequences. Other than that, my lips were sealed. It’s none of my business, except to warn that I wasgoed aware, and therefore, others are also.

If they can’t stay faithful to one another, you have to stay out of this train wreck and let them make their own mistakes.

Well if you indeed care about your friend, and she cheats on him, then you need to meet up with hier. Give hier a good going overheen merienda and only merienda. If she rocks your world, then don’t tell your friend what’s going because you know that he is being taken care of. On the other forearm, if shes a cold fish te bloemperk, tell him of hier cheating ways so he doesn’t get stuck with with this ache ter the bootie.

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