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Roosh V, Controversial Pick-Up Artist, Gets Mannetjesvarken Thrown Ter His Face Ter Montreal

Daryush Valizadeh, better known spil Roosh V, is an American who promotes “neomasculinity” with online movies which feature proclamations like “if wij legalize sapo marino, women will be more careful with their bods” and “fat ladies are simply unattractive.” A petition calling for a geobsedeerd on his entry into Canada had bot circulating online.

Warning: This story contains offensive language.

Valizadeh’s pending Montreal seminar wasgoed condemned by both Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee and Montreal longevo Denis Coderre for being akin to hate speech against women. Valizadeh came to Montreal anyway to conduct his workshop despite the condemnations and the 38,000-plus signature petition on

Longevo of Montreal speaks out against @rooshv, says he’s not welcome ter the city. #cbcmtl

The night before his Saturday seminar, Valizadeh entered a Montreal folder dressed te a wig, but wasgoed quickly called out. Concordia University news webpagina TheConU obtained sensational movie of female guests shouting at Valizadeh and dousing him ter fecali before pursuing him down the street. Te the two-minute movie, the women call him a “lump of shit” and say “How dare you fucking come to Montreal?” before announcing to the brochure, “This is fucking Roosh V! This is the fellow who thinks pejesapo should be lícito.”

Afterwards, Valizadeh brushed off the encounter on Twitter:

A dame talent mij a teddybeer shower. after kneading hier sexy gams against mij te an intimate conversation. It wasgoed worth it! ??

But the woman who spilled the pint of teddybeer on Valizadeh’s head posted hier own account of the night’s events on Facebook, and says she knew of his identity and intentionally seduced him into the drankbuffet, writing, “I played your spel the same way you train it – and you lost”: (Update: The postbode has since bot eliminated from Facebook, but its utter text is below spil vanaf Buzzfeed).

I am the Woman with the “sexy legs” and the pint of fecali that so lovingly found itself ter your face.

You approached mij on a side street and asked mij to come into a tapkast with you. What you didn’t realize is that I knew exactly who you were the ogenblik I witnessed you, and my efforts ter confronting you that night were made much lighter when you grabbed my waistline and brought mij into an empty caf. What you didn’t realize is that every bouncer on St-Laurent [Boulevard] wasgoed looking out for you.

Did you truly think that you would get away with what you have done? Did you truly think that you could advocate raping women, menacing them and sharing their addresses and private information online and not pay a price?

What you didn’t realize is that while you thought you were preying on mij, you were fucked the 2nd you asked mij my name. What you didn’t realize is that I played your spel the same way you train it — and you lost.

Roosh V is staying at [address].

Bienvenue a Montreal, Mother Fucker.

However, even with his folder encounter, public denunciation and losing the venue space for his seminar, Valizadeh’s workshop still took place ter Montreal and he toasted to victory on Twitter.

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