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And, you wanna hear something funny?

I have come to realize that a loterijlot of persons go for looks ter choosing their spouse. Would you live wit someone who you can’t stand hier attitude all te the name of she’s or he’s goodlooking. So I had to write on this topics bearing te mind the diverse opinion of our readers/viewers.check out my freshly posted hub on the importance of having a good character both te relationships and life and leave opinions of your views. Would u choose good looks to good character? &lt,listig snipped&gt,

Beauty should not be the key point te any relationship. No one is ugly on the inwards and if their looks aren’t the best on the outside who cares. Spil long spil they have a wonderful heart, funny and a fine listen those are the main keys to getting a keeper for the surplus of your life. Life is brief and if your waiting for that beauty queen to come up and smooch you then you may end up a lone for the surplus of your life.

Hmmm, lets see. ok. she has to be a &quot,black&quot, gym rat, bench 200 lbs, squat 300, have excellent delts, pecs and a muscular &quot,jumk-in-the-trunk arse, be all &quot,natural&quot, ( certainly not hirsute) and have the good sense to love mij. oh . and be an gifangel te public and a satan te bedding. that covers it! :

Don’t leave behind that beauty is on the inwards and the out! Waterput it this way , would you rather have a beautiful person inwards who had the nicest personality, and is only promedio looking or someone who is druppel dead gorgeous but doesn’t treat you right at all ? Beauty’s skin deep never leave behind that x

Beauty is only skin deep but Good Character lasts a lifetime.

Good character without a doubt. I am attracted to a specific type of man, but if I were to have fallen ter love with someone who didn’t wield those physical characteristics, I’d have bot WAY more worried about his personality characteristics.

Good for you! I assume he is both beautiful and of good character then. Fortunate damsel!

He is BIG, tall and powerful (which I like a Lotsbestemming!) and he has a beautiful and sexy deep voice. He’s also just the best man I have everzwijn known, without a doubt. And, you wanna hear something funny? Wij met online and had never seen each other before wij met te person six days after the very first email. Wij have not bot speciaal since the evening wij met at Starbucks.

It is wonderful how that worked out. I am very glad for you.

Good character shows beauty of a person. Their appearance is just that, an appearance.

I think beauty should be standard te any playmate, but then again, I wasgoed spared a hammering from the ugly stick, so I can’t speak for other guys, albeit I wouldn’t go so far spil to say I’m beautiful. But then again, I think it’s pretty hard to find a truly ugly man, wij’re all pretty ugly compared to women. The majority of women are pretty attractive. Obesity is of course never attractive, sorry people, but it’s true, our brains are wired that way, unless you have a peculiar fetish. And I think everybody has a specific type of woman they are interested ter, just like women might have a specific type of man they look for. So personally, I set beauty spil a standard, but I’m also looking for the beauty with a heart of gold. Anyways, I’m too quirky to have a gf, most attractive ladies tend to be looking for a high degree of normalcy ter fellows.

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