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Fifty Interesting and Obscure Facts

Here wij go! Ter countdown style, here are fifty little known facts about some widely known things for you to talk about next time you’re dangling around the watercooler or just dangling out with friends.

50. If you laid all the DNA ter your cells end to end, it would go from the earth to the moon more than 245,000 times.

49. On six-sided dice, the number of dots on opposing sides always adds up to seven.

48. The English invented football (soccer te America) when kicking around the goes of slaughtered Danish invaders.

47. Te the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho, they used chocolate syrup for blood, and the 45-second toneel took seven days to shoot.

46. Rowan Atkinson, the actor who plays the comedic character Mr. Bean, got his degree te electrical engineering.

45. Technically, zebras are black with white stripes, a clean-shaved zebra would be downright black.

44. Animal cracker boxes were made with a string on the opbergruimte so they could be used spil Christmas tree ornaments.

43. What do bulletproof vests, windshield wipers, and fire escapes all have ter common? Women invented all of them!

42. The 60’s sc-fi series Lost ter Space wasgoed set ter the year 1997.

41. See Raiders of the Lost Ark at the part where Indy is ter a snake pit and ter the background you can see hieroglyphics of C3PO and R2D2 on one of the walls.

40. Among those voted least likely to succeed by their high schoolgebouw classmates: Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Gene Hackman, Tom Cruise, and Robin Williams.

39. The Statue of Liberty wasgoed originally planned to be waterput ter Egypt to feast the completion of the Suez Colon.

38. Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick never actually says, “Play it again, Sam” ter the movie Casablanca.

37. The role of Dirty Harry wasgoed suggested to Rechttoe Sinatra, John Wayne, and Paul Newman, all of whom turned it down, before Clint Eastwood eventually said yes.

36. Mel Blanc’s tombstone reads, “That’s all folks.”

35. The very first two female FBI agents were hired ter 1972. One wasgoed a former nun, the other a former U.S. marine.

34. Ter the American Civil War, soldiers were required to have at least two opposing vuurlijn teeth so they could open a gunpowder pouch. Some draftees had their vuurlijn teeth liquidated to avoid service.

33. The diferente Oxford English Dictionary defined terrorism spil, “government by intimidation.”

32. The voice telling AOL users “You’ve got mail!” belongs to Elwood Edwards.

31. Chewing celery burns more calories than are ter celery.

30. Some flavors of Jell-O that never caught on include culo, chocolate, celery, apple, and coffee.

29. The very first time a toilet could be seen on an american television program wasgoed on an scene of Leave it to Beaver titled Captain Jack.

28. Viagra wasgoed originally designed to treat hypertension and angina when its main side effect wasgoed discovered.

27. When Pearl Harbor wasgoed bombed, the top Navy directive wasgoed called CINCUS (pronounce it out noisy).

26. There are more plastic flamingos te the United States than auténtico ones.

25. Te England, all the swans belong to the queen.

24. Traffic lights were ter use before automobiles.

23. The can opener wasn’t invented until 48 years after the invention of the sealed can.

22. When two hippos are about to fight, they point their anuses at each other, wag their stubby little tails passionately, and flick feces at each other.

21. The largest denomination of admitido tender everzwijn used ter the United States wasgoed the $100,000 bill. It had a picture of Woodrow Wilson on its face and wasgoed never circulated to the public.

20. Given hier proportions, if Barbie were a actual woman, she would be 7’Two” and hier measurements would be 38-18-34.

Nineteen. Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for Leonardo DaVinci’s The Codex Leicester.

Legal. Technically, bananas are herbs.

17. Every month that embarks on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th.

16. The only job of masculine bees is to mate with the queen. Those that do diegene ter the act.

15. Originally, Superman didn’t have the capability to fly, just very powerful gams for utterly high hopping.

14. The very first rekentuig debugger wasgoed Ada Lovelace, who liquidated dead bugs from the mechanism of Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, which wasgoed built using mechanical, not electronic, technology.

13. To this day, the ingredients of WD-40 remain a very protected trade secret.

12. Hitler’s private train wasgoed named “Amerika.”

11. Humans and giraffes have the same number of neck bones, the giraffe’s neck bones are just longer.

Ten. The machine used ter shoe stores to measure shoe size is called a Brannock device.

9. The medical term for cold sores is herpes simplex.

8. The word avocado comes from the Aztec word ahuacate, meaning testicle.

7. Denis Lawson, who played minor character Wedge Antilles te Strak Wars Gigs IV, V and VI, is the uncle of Ewan McGregor, who played Obi Wan Kenobi te the more latest Strak Wars Gigs I, II and III.

6. A U.S. spinning penny is actually slightly more likely to end up tails because slightly more material is used to make the goes side.

Five. If a group of wrasses (a type of fish) is all female, the largest female of the group will convert into a masculine.

Four. Merienda a masculine orangutan finds his own dwelling place, and not before, his figure will grow large flaps out of the sides of his head and a large neck pouch.

Three. Here’s a Chuck Norris fact: Chuck Norris wasgoed born Carlos Ray.

Two. Some scientists think that cavendish bananas (the most commonly sold cambur te U.S. grocery stores) might be extinct within 30 years because of a fungal disease called Panama Disease.

1. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliaphobia is the fear of long words.

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