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Anyone specifying what you should look like:В If you want to be my friend, it shouldn’t matter what my height or weight or universal appearance is.В If they specify a preference (particularly if they are looking for an ‘attractive’ or ‘getraind’ fresh friend) than they are very likely not looking for just friendship, no matter what they optie.

В Nowadays, if you have an internet connection and basic reading abilities, you’ve very likely visited Craigslist.В Chances are you’ve even used Craiglist to sell your bike, or find a volunteer activity te your neighborhood, or apply for a part time job, or any one of the dozens of services suggested by this free, localized listing webstek.В Craigslist can be particularly helpful te the time of a stir: you can scout out stir te specials on apartments, apply for fresh jobs, and pick up furniture to pack the empty catches sight of ter your fresh huis, all ter one place.В Ter fact, Craigslist even lets you shop around for the thing that everyone wants but fights to get ter a fresh place: friends.

The idea of being able to shop for your fresh cronies on Craigslist like you would a used textbook has got to be tempting to any frecuente human being.В Why waste time hoofing it around town when you can screen your potential buddiesВ from the convenience of huis,В basking te the glow of your rekentuig screen?В It’s free, and it doesn’t have the same stigma of desperation that can be associated with traditional dating websites.В Plus, there’s just something hip and edgy and so Gen-Y about using Craigslist to procure odd things.В

Before you get embarked generating a entire fresh social circle through Craigslist, however, you need to understand the risks inherent te the process, and be wise about protecting yourself.В Unluckily, there are slew of creeps out there, and Craigslist provides a convenient medium for them to locate potential victims.В People have unluckily bot assaulted or even killed spil a result of meetings facilitated through Craigslist.В Granted, most of the ‘creeps’ online aren’t out to attack or kidnap you, but the lack of physical verwonding doesn’t make it any less awkward if you get stuck suspending out with someone who, for example, you catch sniffing your hair every time you glance away.В

So, to prepare you to meet your next best friend on Craigslist without putting yourself ter harm’s way, I’ve ready this guide to help you spot ‘crimson flags’ and protect yourself.В Please note, however, that I’m not a certified Craigslist experienced and cannot ensure you that following my recommendations is a failsafe way to avoid creeps on the internet.В Also, if you are interested te using Craigslist to meet people for dating, romance, or a booty call, then this article will not pertain to you.В

The Posting Itself: Creating Your Own Ad

There are two ways to meet people on Craigslist: either postbode an ad of your own, or react to those posted by others.В If you opt to create your own posting, there are a few guidelines you should make sure to go after.

1.В Make sure you postbode te the ‘Rigorously Platonic’ section.В Even if you have set preferences on what gender you’d like your fresh friends to be, it could be misleading to postbode ter another category.В For example, maybe you’re a woman who truly likes dangling out with a group of guys- nothing wrong with that!В If you postbode your ad te the w4m (woman for fellows) category, however, the majority of people reading your postbode are going to assume you’re looking for something more than friendship, and this might lead them to read more into your postbode that what is there.

Two. Don’t give out any identifying information

Don’t even give out your name.В If there’s a creep out there looking at your postbode, you don’t want to give them any private information to use ter contacting you.В Craigslist will route any responses to your ad to your email via an anonymized email, so a contestar won’t have any other way of contacting you unless you choose to voeling them back.В Take advantage of this protection- don’t give any potential stalkers out there an ‘ter’ that’s not necessary.

Three. Write very clearly about your interests and expectationsВ for the friendship

Don’t be too bashful to say directly: “I’m looking for friendship only.В Not interested ter any relationship or sexual encounters.”В You’d be amazed what some people can read into seemingly harmless text.В The clearer and more focused your ad is, the better chances you have of finding a fresh friend that fits the bill ideally.В Looking for a workout playmate?В Another stay-at-home-mom to arrange playdates with?В Someone who will accompany you to the regional speelfilm festivals?В A wine enthusiast to sample international offerings with you?В If you’re not specific, you’re going to find yourself wading through a lotsbestemming of email from people you just don’t have much ter common with.

Responding to Someone Else’s Ad

Your other option for meeting friends on Craigslist is to react to other people’s ads.В This may limit the pool of potential friends a bit, but ter terms of ease and safety I choose this method.В

1. Limit the amount of identifying informatie you give out ter your very first email

Again, err on the side of caution until you’ve felt a person out.В It’s adequate to volunteer your name when responding to an ad, but I’d wait until you’ve exchanged a few emails before volunteering your phone number.В That way, if you get a weird vibe, you don’t have to screen your calls for weeks.В

Two.В Look out for vague wording

The best kleuter of friend ads to react to are the ones that are specific.В If someone is looking “to drape out and chill or whatever,” that ‘whatever’ could involve something you’re just not down for.В Also,the more specific a poster is about what they are looking for te a friend/friendship, the more likely it is that you two will have things te common and get along well.

Three.В Some crimson flags to see for . . .

-Anyone specifying what you should look like:В If you want to be my friend, it shouldn’t matter what my height or weight or universal appearance is.В If they specify a preference (particularly if they are looking for an ‘attractive’ or ‘gezond’ fresh friend) than they are very likely not looking for just friendship, no matter what they eis.

-Anyone listing themselves spil married but looking for opposite lovemaking friends ‘just to talk’ or ‘for harmless flirtation:’ Ew. Ew.В Just stay away from thesis.В Sadly, thesis are fairly effortless to find on any given Craigslist.В

-Anyone who is looking for someone to string up out with right away:В For example, “looking for someone who wants to come overheen and observe movies tonight.”В Thesis things take time to ensure both parties are reasonably non-creepy.В If someone is looking to do something right away- particularly ter a non-public location- then I call foul.

-Anyone looking to exchange services: Yes, it sounds lovely to think that someone out there is willing to give you free back massages, or do your hair, or manicure your toes, just because they like to, or they need hours for rubdown schoolgebouw, or whatever reason they supply you with.В Call mij cynical, but I believe 99% of thesis posts are some CREEP looking to get their jollies from touching all overheen some poor, unsuspicious Craigslister.В Avoid!

After the Email:В Your very first meeting

Merienda emails have bot exchanged and you feel comfy with the idea of meeting ter person, you’ll still want to be careful.В Some creepy people can hide it very well!В Always arrange for your very first meeting to be te a public place, even if you are coaxed that your fresh friend is a proefje citizen and finish paragon of virtue.В Pick someplace that you are llano with.В Make sure that you tell a friend or family member where you are going, when you project on being back, and all the details you know about the person you are meeting- just te case.В

Go Forward and Make Friends Electronically

If you treatment the Craigslist platonic classifieds with an air of caution and a loterijlot of common sense, chances are that you can meet some interesting people.В It’s a excellent way to get a leap embark on friends te a fresh place.В If you meet someone you indeed kasstuk it off with, they may introduce you to a entire fresh circle of acquaintances.В Don’t leave behind that it’s ok to be selective with the people you meet.В Even if someone isn’t creepy, if you just don’t succesnummer it off or don’t have much ter common, it’s ok to keep looking.В Have joy with it and above all else, be safe!

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