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8 years ago from Entrada Altozano, Ca Avec qui est-ce tu te couche ce soir?

Here’s a lovely collection of romantic and flirty French love and dating phrases, translated from French to English.

The French language has a reputation for being the language of love, and thesis phrases will assist you to speak and write romantic French words, whether you’re feeling flirty, are dating or are entirely loved up!

Lovely French To English Love Translations:

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tu es mon homme

It’s fairly exceptional to find French so unique a language ter the love setting. I love it and want to learn and know more. Thanks alot .

Annette from

And I love &quot,Lade vie plus rose&quot, translation.

I’ll very likely waterput this on my webstek too!

Thanks for the idea!

nicccce, i’m learning French i hope i could help you somehow .

jai compri france’s ampae ampae ­čÖé

Thanks. Very good work i loveeeeee it.

7 years ago from Australia

Thankyou so willingly for your comments!

i like to love poetry

nice! i learned a lotsbestemming!:)

Thanks I love to learn brief little phrases , they come ter so handy for making friends , while visiting foreign countries

8 years ago from Australia

Thanks! I found the total translation of lyrics of the song: Schuiflade Vie plus Rose

Des yeux qui font baiser lesuur miens, un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche

Voila le portrait, sans retouche, den l’homme auquel j’appartiens

Quand il mij prend dans ses hooter-slings

Il mij parle tout contrabas

Jou vois lade vie plus rose

Il mij dit des mots d’amour

Ces mots den tous lesuur jours

Et ca m’fait quelque chose

Il est entre dans mon coeur

Une part den bonheur

Don’t jouw connais schuiflade cause

C’est lui pour moi, moi pour lui dans lade vie

Il mij l’a dit l’a jure pour schuiflade vie

Et des que jouw l’apercois

Alors jij sens plus moi mon coeur qui bat

Des nuits d’amour ne plus plusteken finir

Un grand bonheur qui prend sa place

Des ennuis, des chagrins, des phrases

Heureux, heureux ??plus mourir

Quand il mij prend dans ses brassieres

Il mij parle tout contrabas

Jouw vois lade vie plus rose

Il mij dit des mots d’amour

Des mots den tous lesuur jours

Et ca m’fait quelque chose

Il est entre dans mon coeur

Une part den bonheur

Jouw reconnais lade cause

C’est toi pour moi, moi pour toi dans lade vie

Tu mij l’spil dit t’l’spil jure pour lade vie

Et des que jouw t’apercois

Alors jouw sens plusteken moi mon coeur qui bat

when he takes mij ter his arms

and speaks to mij softly

I see life spil rosy

he tells mij words of love

and it makes mij feel

he came into my heart

a chunk of happiness

for which I know the cause

He is for mij, I am for him, ter this life

he told mij that – swore it for life

and spil soon spil I see him

I feel my heart hitting

nights of love, never ending

Much joy which takes overheen

troubles, sadness, phrases

glad, blessed to diegene

my eyes look down when he looks at mij

I only see his mouth when he laughs

this is the portrait &quot,spil is&quot,

of the man I belong to

Quand il mij prend dans onderricht brassieres,

Il mij parle tout contrabas,

Jou vois schuiflade vie plusteken rose

8 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

French is such a lovely language.

8 years ago from Australia

Ohhh schuiflade lade! I love it, thanks!

8 years ago from Suscripci├│n Altozano, Ca

I have to think back to my collegium days flirting with women te another language but I believe it is basically a question: With whom are you sleeping with tonight? With mij?

8 years ago from Australia

Thanks wsp2469. What does it mean ter English?

8 years ago from Adhesi├│n Colina, Ca

Avec qui est-ce tu te couche ce soir? Avec moi?

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