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Wij Vereiste Zekering Smiley Face Emoticon Manhandle

Jeannie has bot writing for HubPages for overheen 7 years. She covers a broad multitude of topics&mdash,anything from hamsters to office work.

Did You Indeed Need a Smiley Face?

I am here today to discuss a serious kwestie wij vereiste face te our society today: smiley face emoticon manhandle. Yes, someone needs to stand up for the smiley faces. For that matter, many emoticons are being manhandled. I want to stand up for the smiley faces, the frowny faces, the love faces, the cool faces, and the many other emoticon faces of the world. Sadly, it is the smiley face that is most used and manhandled. I realize I usually do not take on the major issues that plague our society, but shameless smiley face emoticon manhandle has gone on for too long. Someone has to stand up for them!

Some of you may not know what I am talking about. You could very well be contributing to the problem! Do you frequently use a smiley face to express your emotions te emails, texts, instant messages, etc.? Do you use a smiley face at the end of fully inappropriate comments just to “take the edge off” of thesis statements? You are an offender, my friend. Take a long look te the mirror. Shame on you!

Are You a Smiley Face Emoticon Offender?

Te order for you to understand if you are an emoticon offender, I have to further explain the offense. You are manhandling smiley face emoticons if you permanently use them ter inappropriate situations. Many people use an harmless smiley face spil way to “soften the suck” of bad news or an insult. It is entirely wrong and shameful.

Here are some examples of smiley face manhandle:

“Nice photo. Is that your fresh puppy? Oh sorry, it is your kindje’s picture. :-)”

This is wrong because you just totally insulting someone. Adding a smiley face does not make that sentence lovely or funny. You are a total jack. Don’t force a smiley face to be part of your mean comment.

“I feel like wij are not a superb duo. You are such a nice person however. :-)”

OK, creep, you can’t just breakup with someone via email or text message, but then believe a nice mooipraterij followed by a smiley face will save the entire situation. Next time, call that person.

Gee, don’t do mij any favors! This is an insult disguised spil a “nice comment.” Without the smiley face, it looks like the writer is being nasty. With the smiley face, the writer believes it erases every bit of cattiness from the innovador statement. Not so!

This is perhaps the worst of the smiley face manhandle offenses. It is indeed an outright insult. However, the smiley face is supposed to indicate it is all just a joke. Oh, haha, thanks. I wasgoed totally bummed out, but the smiley face let mij know there is no need to unfriend you on Facebook. Hmmm.

Suitable Smiley Face Usage

You may ask, “Well, Jeannie, if I can’t use the smiley face just to say exceptionally rude things to people and then pretend I am being clever, how should I use it?” I am blessed to response that question. You should use the smiley face when you say something joy or amusing. Are you making a blessed, positive statement? By all means, this is a excellent chance to add a smiley face emoticon. The smiley face is a harmless, sweet character, please don’t manhandle him!

Here are some examples of adequate times to use smiley faces:

Yes, I would love to go out with you. 🙂

Nice photo. What a beautiful dress! 🙂

I just won the lottery and I am going to France. 🙂

Guess whose pregnancy test just came back negative? 🙂

You see, there are so many times wij can feast. What better way to charm your reader than with an emoticon that matches the emotion? Of course, one might argue a skillfully written comment does not need an emoticon to convey an emotion.

If you truly know what you are doing, you don’t need a smiley face, frowny face, or any other face. Your reader should know the right emotion if you construct a good sentence. For that matter, shouldn’t wij all aim for that anyway? From now on, how about wij all use emoticons a little less and look into writing presente sentences a little more?

🙂 I couldn’t fight back.

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