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You’re anticipating what will toebijten at the end of the night and are fervently hoping that the other party is hoping for a hug at most.

Avoiding the Goodnight Smooch

Sometimes a date just doesn’t go spil well spil you had hoped. And maybe it went better te your date’s eyes. Perhaps this is the last time you want to see that other person, or maybe you just don’t want to smooch on the very first date.

You’re anticipating what will toebijten at the end of the night and are fervently hoping that the other party is hoping for a hug at most.

If you have that horrible vensterluik date set-up on Valentine’s Day or anytime, you may want to find a way to avoid the goodnight smooch at the end of the evening. Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are ways you can avoid that smooch at the end of the night.

1. Keep Your Distance

Te order to avoid the dreaded smooch at the end of the night, just keep your distance. Keep a few healthy feet inbetween you, you can even back away if he or she creeps closer. If you know early on that this person just isn’t for you, embark distancing yourself spil early ter the evening spil possible.

Spil the awkward possible very first smooch approaches, don’t engage te meaningful conversation. Talk instead about the weather, or, better yet, about how tired you are, how busy you are the next day, and how you absolutely have to be going. Don’t remain. Just walk away.

Bad lips or bad breath

If you have a cold or chapped lips, you’re te business. If your blemishes are not visible, then just mention—several times—how sore or dry your lips are, how afraid you are they will crack with this cold, dry, winter weather.

If you know early enough ter the evening that there is no way you want to smooch this person, eat lots of onions or smelly fish when you go out to dinner earlier te the evening. Eat lots of smelly foods and breathe powerfully into your date’s face whenever possible.

Two. Say You Are Sick

I would hate for anyone to lie, but are you truly lounging if you are truly, indeed SICK of the date and just want to go huis? Surely your tummy is hurting or your head is pounding. Maybe you could cough or sneeze a little bit? If you could run to the ladies’ or boys’s slagroom and vomit, then you are sure to seal a no-kiss evening with the durable smell from your lips.

If you indeed can’t come up with an illness and don’t want to blatantly lie without evidence of even an upset tummy, then there are other ways to avoid the goodnight smooch. Just pick an excuse and go with it.

More Tips on Avoiding a Smooch

Three. Cough and Clear Your Mouth

Despite your intentions across the night to give the signal that a smooch at the voort just isn’t happening, you may still fear that your playmate may think differently. There are some last-ditch efforts at the end of the night that you can certainly implement.

If, at the uur, you feel the forthcoming unwanted smooch, cough and clear your mouth off and on. Hack up some stuff and drool if you need to. Be spil unattractive spil you can. A burp would be a nice touch if you can pull it off. Do what you can to ruin the uur.

Four. Turn the Other Cheek

Gravely, and literally, turning the other cheek can save you from an unwanted smooch. If he or she swoops ter, turn your cheek, whether the right or the left one. It doesn’t matter. Just turn that cheek to let the smooch fall on it. Give a quick hug if you have to, and say your goodbyes.

It is significant at this point to go after the previous advice and don’t stay. Back off and just walk away. Walk away.

But What If You Want to Smooch Goodnight?

Okay, so now you have some ways to avoid smooching goodnight after your date. However, what if the date does go well, and you do want that goodnight smooch? Well, that’s another situation entirely. Do the opposite of the advice given te this article.

For now, I hope that you have some ideas that will help save you from that awkward uur when you are fighting to avoid the unwanted smooch. Good luck!

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