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online dating tips for men

You can alter your individual settings at any time to search by age and many other characteristics that are significant to you.

Wij help studs around the world meet beautiful Ukrainian and Slavic women, find fresh friendships to build strong relationships which could lead to marriage.

Wij provide genuine and personally vetted ladies who are veritable about marriage and wij support you with exceptional customer service. To make your journey successful wij suggest a utter range of services that are ordinary and effective.


Your own Instrumentenbord Settings let you control your search and find your ideal fucking partner. You can alter your private settings at any time to search by age and many other characteristics that are significant to you.

You can also control the quantity of messages and lady requests from your private settings.

Your private settings let you search for your flawless match and communicate at a tempo that suits you.


Messaging is a ordinary and effective way of commencing communications. Our messaging system is effortless to use and conversation strings are maintained so you always have a record of your messages.

Wij suggest no word limit and there are no extra costs associated with sending or receiving messages with photo attachments.

Introductions, nudges and talk requests are free send and open so you can choose your playmate ter confidence.

Photos and movies

Slavic ladies will always present themselves ter the best way. That is why they always emerge beautiful and professional.

Wij have public photos and movies which are free to view.

Online talk

Using our online talk system, you can text talk or movie/audio talk with your lady and get to know hier much better. The talk system has an inbuilt translator, if required.

You can talk with any of the online ladies at any time, or you can request a talk with ladies who are not online. Simply accomplish the request for a time that is convenient and wij will confirm to you that the lady has accepted and will be waiting for you.

Text talk is fine to get to know hier quickly while movie/audio talk communicates hier figure language and hier beauty.


All ladies love to receive gifts to make them feel that little bit more special.

Wij have an extensive range of gifts to choose from and wij will supply the bounty and send you free photos of the delighted lady receiving your bounty.

Wij will be delighted to arrange any bounty that you would like to send – for any occasion.

Russian lessons

If you are considering taking a basic Russian Language course to assist with your meetings or your imminent journey to meet hier, wij offerande a series of Russian Lessons, many of which are free.

One on One lessons with a tutor are available te 30 minute blocks at a time that suits you.

You can also choose English lessons from professional tutors from our bounty range.


Wij are an IATA Registered Travel Agency and wij can arrange your travel and accommodation to make your excursion hassle free and successful.

For either individual tours or group tours wij can provide tickets, accommodation, arrange the meetings and excursions, translators and guides, taxi drivers, cell phones, buses or trains and our 24 hour online support – just for you.

Looking after you and maximising your time with your lady is our speciality.


Fast-track your searching process by letting our team trawl our large database for ladies that match your specific criteria.

Read more and enquire about our matchmaking services here. Two levels of service are available, a free service and a personalised service.

This work is the very heart of what wij do and our business. Wij want you to find love and happiness te the most efficient time.

Exceptional Individual Service

Our team is available 24 hours each day, 7 days a week to assist you. Wij have dedicated phone and Skype and will response your call instantly.

Wij also have International Support Offices across the globe to assist you with any questions, advice and nave support. You can arrange any travel with your International Office.

With no joining toverfee and no monthly subscription, this personalised support is part of the service! When you need us – wij are there!

If you have a question about any of our services listed above, please get te touch. Wij’d be delighted to help.

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