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Project OF Act. Emergency plans should be established based on anticipated needs and available resources.

  • The emergency response starts with the prep of equipment and personnel before any emergency occur.

В· Do not do further harm

  • Zindelijk information and instruction to helper/helpers would provide organized very first aid care.


1. SURVEY THE Toneel. Merienda you recognized that an emergency has occurred and determine to act, you vereiste make sure that the toneel of the emergency is safe for you, the victim/victims, and the bystander/bystanders.

Take time to survey the toneel and response thesis questions:

В· Is the toneel safe?

В· What happened?

В· How many people are injured?

В· Are there bystanders who can help?

Then, identify yourself spil a trained very first aider. Get consent to give care.

Two. ACTIVATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE. Te some emergencies, you will have enough time to call for specific medical advice before administering very first aid. But te some situations, you will need to attend to the victim very first.

· CALL Very first and CPR Very first. Both trained and untrained bystanders should be instructed to Activate Medical Assistance spil soon spil they have determined that an adult victim requires emergency care, “CALL FIRST”. While for infant and children a “CPR FIRST” treatment is recommended.

В· Information to be remembered te Activating Medical Assistance:

-Number of persons injured.

-Extent of injury and very first aid given.

-The telephone number from where you are calling.

Three. INITIAL ASSESSMENT OF THE VICTIM. Te every emergency situation, you vereiste very first find out if there are conditions that are instant threat to the victim’s life.

-ADULT: Tapkast shoulder

-INFANT: Kittle the foot

Ways of opening the airway:

a. Head tilt- Chin lift Maneuver

b. Jaw- Thrust Maneuver

-CHECK FOR AIRWAY– Look, Listen, Feel

-CHECK FOR CIRCULATION– Carotid (Adult, Child), Brachial (Infant)

Four. SECONDARY ASSESSMENT OF THE VICTIM. It is a systematic method of gathering extra information about the injuries or condition that may need care.

В· Vraaggesprek the victim

S-signs and symptoms

P-past medical history

L-last meal taken

E-events prior to injury

В· Check animoso signs every 15 minutes if stable and every Five minutes if unstable.

В· Perform head-to-toe examination

Five. REFER PATIENT FOR FURTHER EVALUATION AND MANAGEMENT (if necessary, depending on the patient’s condition)

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