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Murder charge filed ter dismemberment death of Seattle-area mom – The Washington Postbode

A man suspected of dismembering a Washington state woman who vanished after a planned date night has bot charged with first-degree murder, days after hier head and other assets parts were discovered te a recycling bin te downtown Seattle.

Prosecutors filed charges Wednesday against John R. Charlton, who stands accused ter the gruesome killing of Ingrid Lyne, a 40-year-old nurse and mother. Te addition to a count of first-degree murder, the 37-year-old Charlton wasgoed also charged with theft of a motor voertuig, according to a news release.

“The tragic murder of Ingrid Lyne has left a family and community ter a spiral of trouble and anguish,” King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg said te a statement. “We may never understand why she wasgoed killed.”

Charlton is being held on $Two million bail. He is due to emerge ter court for arraignment straks this month.

An email sent to his attorney early Thursday morning wasgoed not instantaneously returned.

According to a probable-cause statement posted online by Fox affiliate KCPQ, the figure parts were discovered Saturday when a Seattle resident wasgoed bringing te his recycling and trash bins and noticed that “there wasgoed weight te the recycling container.”

When the man dumped out the contents of the bin on his lawn, the bagged remains tumbled out, and he contacted authorities. The remains included an arm with a mitt, a lower gam, a foot and the human head, according to the documents.

“The head demonstrated no signs of decomposition and the facial features were intact and distinctive,” reads the probable-cause statement, which noted that the affiant wasgoed “quite sure the head is that of Ingrid Maree Lyne.”

On Wednesday, the remains were officially identified spil Lyne’s, according to the Associated Press.

Lyne wasgoed reported missing Saturday, after hier ex-husband arrived at hier huis with their three daughters, according to the documents. She didn’t reaction hier cellphone, and hier car wasn’t parked outside the huis.

Lyne’s ex-husband called hier mother, who came to the house and contacted police.

When investigators searched the residence, they found a opbergruimte of plastic trash bags that appeared “identical te color and size” to those ter which the figure parts were found. They also found a 15-inch pruning spotted near the bathtub te a bathroom, according to the probable-cause statement.

A neighbor told detectives that Lyne had bot dating a man named John, the documents state. The duo evidently had plans to go a Seattle Mariners spel Friday, an officer who looked at hier laptop eyed the baseball tickets on the screen.

Lyne’s mother showcased investigators text messages she had exchanged with Charlton, according to the documents, which detailed some of the conversation.

“My name is John. I thought she wasgoed with hier kids today?” Charlton responded.

“When did you see hier last?” Lyne’s mother responded. “She’s not here, hier phone is here and driver’s license and purse but she’s not, please react, I’ve called 911.”

“911?” Charlton texted back. “What’s going on? Wij went to the Mariners spel last night but wij didn’t stay the night together because she has hier kids today … not sure what she had told you about mij and our relationship.”

Then Lyne’s mother wrote: “She’s missing. What time did you see hier last. A police officer needs to speak to you spil you may be the last person who witnessed hier. Please call [telephone number].”

According to the documents, Charlton did not react to Lyne’s mother again.

“Please John, did Ingrid say anything about someone coming to see hier after you separated from hier last night,” Lyne’s mother wrote te hier last text. “We can’t find hier or hier car. Spil I said hier phone and ID and purse are at hier house but she and hier car are gone without a trace. Any help would be appreciated. Wij are desperate. She would never just go off and leave hier family.”

When Charlton wasgoed questioned by authorities, he told investigators that he and Lyne had gone to the baseball spel, but said he wasgoed unclear on what happened that night.

“Charlton claimed that he had bot so intoxicated on Friday night that he could not recall how he and Lyne returned to hier residence after the Mariners spel, or what transpired when they got there,” the documents state. “He said he believed they had hookup, and said Lyne wasgoed acting ‘weird,’ but could not or would not provide any further details.”

He also couldn’t recall how he left the huis and told investigators that on Saturday and Sunday, he spent the night at the huis of an ex-girlfriend.

“This weekend, a light went out of our lives forever,” Lyne’s family said ter a statement. “Ingrid, beloved mother, daughter, sister, and friend wasgoed taken from us for reasons wij still cannot comprehend. Our hearts are cracked and can never be fully mended.”

People gather outside the huis of Ingrid Lyne during a candlelight vigil ter Renton, Wash., on Tuesday. (Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times via AP)

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