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Spil I said earlier, it is a fantastic chance to go shopping and here are the reasons why.

Confidence is key

Lesson one- Dress to Impress

A guide to ‘dressing to impress’ the female population

Seducing women isn’t difficult. ‘Dressing to impress’ is a key way to reduce anxiety and pre-match nerves before seducing them.

Introductory lesson paragraph:

How amazing would it be to go to a folder, meet a chick and take hier huis?В I am going to share a secret with you that will give you the edge when going into the field. By the end of this lesson you will:

1.В В В В В В be able to go out and treatment women

Two.В В В В В В know what to wear and what not to wear when going out

Trio.В В В В В В know how to get comfy ter your fresh clothes

A real-life story about an ‘media’ man:

When I wasgoed working te a clothes retail shop a duo of years ago, I learnt that ‘dressing to impress’ wasgoed an amazing way to attract women. This story is sad for my good friend Ethan.

Ethan and I were just getting to know each other back when wij worked together, but one thing wij did have wasgoed a mutual respect and this is why I am telling this story, I want to vertoning mutual respect to all of you. Ethan wasgoed on his day off and he came to see mij at work, and I kid you not, the next female to walk through the onderbrak wasgoed druppel dead gorgeous, the kleintje you zekering and stare at and the only word you can muster up is ‘Wow!’ Ethan eyed hier and he casually went overheen to hier but he didn’t voorstelling confidence, it wasgoed clear for all to see that she had no rente ter him and he returned looking deeply saddened. Then an promedio looking señor also approached hier and got hier number, I wasgoed astonished!

The sexy woman did buy a top from my store, and te conversation I jokingly asked, ‘did you just give your number to that stud?’ to which she replied ‘yes, he looked so sexy te that suit!’ It wasgoed then it dawned on mij that making the effort to dress well DOES make a difference. I look back and always reminisce that day because it made mij realize, it doesn’t matter if you are a prototype looking boy or an media one, dress to impress and you have a better chance!

Why this problem happens:

One of the reasons that women attract dudes all the time is that they make a vivo effort before they go out. YES, they are a beautiful species and YES I know you want one, or more! But wij shall commence at the beginning and think logically. What do women always love to do? I heard the response echoing around the world just then, they love to shop, why? It’s ordinary, they want to look beautiful. That is why they attempt on thousands of garments before buying, believe mij, I would know.

Now let’s look at the media man, he hates to shop. This is a common mistake and ter the next part of this lesson I will explain to you why it is a good idea to go shopping.

Another thing is that boys are passive, wij look at breasts, gams, bum and face (I’m not telling that’s a bad thing), dudes do not care what designer skirt the woman is wearing whereas a woman notices everything, she will notice that your T-shirt isn’t ironed and what catalogue your ‘favourite T-shirt’ is from. Psychologically speaking, a woman will scan a man, she will check for different things such spil eyes, hair, you know the ordinario stuff but she will look at your clothing spil well, if you are wearing similar clothes to that of an promedio man then you do not have an advantage.

Dudes need to vertoning creativity when dressing because it is just spil significant spil an opener te conversation and closing. Musicians for example have a unique look to them, they dress differently and this is one of the reasons they attract women a lotsbestemming more than the promedio dude.

The arousing proposition you have to reminisce is by the end of the night is that neither of you will be wearing clothes, so recall ‘dress to impress’ then let hier undress you, now that’s epic.

Mechanisms, processes and How To’s

A guide to dressing to impress effectively

Dressing the same spil the promedio masculine will not give you a psychological advantage when it comes to being ter voeling with women, so if wij can switch the way you dress for the better you will be far more certain and beautiful women will be far more interested.

If you go into the field ter your everyday jeans and t-shirt there are two problems, one its very likely outdated and tho’ it may be your ‘favourite pair of jeans’, they aren’t going to score you many points with the ladies. Secondly wearing your everyday clothes when approaching women is a psychological block, you are comfy ter them, they are like a convenience to you so it will be firmer to treatment women and talk to them because you are te your convenience zone. Purchasing up-to-date garments that will make you stand out ter a crowd will take you out of a relaxed framework of mind and get you ter the mind set of approaching women and getting their numbers.

You go to a tapkast and you see an enormously fine looking lady, the dress fits hier ideally and you think to yourself, ‘damn she fine’. Unluckily going and approaching hier is not a possibility. Why I hear you ask, here is why, the dandi that she is presently talking to is wearing the same top spil you, he too is wearing the ‘favourite t-shirt’. Now let us rewind to the beginning of the day, where you question what you’re going to wear, you determine to attempt the fresh buttoned T-shirt with amazingly sparkly cuff-links and ironed pants. Wij will go back to the same situation, the attractive woman is getting bored with the

casually dressed man and sees you ter the distance, and you have caught hier attention, now you can treatment, with confidence.

You need to be aware that the clothes you wear are fine for when you are with your friends, or family, basically people you do not want to pick up. What you have to do is go to shopping malls and shop for clothes. Spil I said earlier, it is a fantastic chance to go shopping and here are the reasons why. Firstly, women love to shop, beautiful gams will be on display every which way you turn and that is not a bad thing now is it. Secondly a loterijlot of women work ter clothes shop, don’t be afraid to ask them for advice, they are there to help you. And you HAVE to attempt the clothes on, and observe the reaction of the woman who is helping you pick out an clothing. If she smiles, you know that you have struck hier. Even if you are not feeling entirely certain te what the woman is choosing for you to wear, go with it, she is telling you from a woman’s point of view what is sexy. If you are still not certain te the clothes, I have another trick that will help you get that confidence. You voorwaarde reminisce to maintain conversation with this woman that is helping you, a good idea would be to ask hier about hier work and make a joke about clothes. Even tho’ this is not an exercise to pick up women, providing it a go can only do you good, and I want the best for you! Thesis high street clothes shops employ some smoking hot women, so charm hier! Most importantly, ask hier opinion, ask hier ‘how do you think I look?’ You are building a good rapport with this woman and you can lightly go back into the store and talk to hier again.

There are pitfalls ter this screenplay that I want you to avoid, always buy what she suggests, and do not think about it, she is providing you the key to what women want. Even after buying it and wearing it you still don’t like it, give it to a family member.

A guide to wearing ‘dress to impress clothes’ conveniently

Spil previously stated, you need to have women’s attention before you speak to them and I have a peak to make you feel convenient ter clothes you may feel awkward ter.

You’ve just got back from the high street store with your nice clothes and you are programma to go out into the field. However sometimes fellows are do not like to go outside their convenience zone, you are not convenient te your fresh garment and are going to opt for your frecuente clothes. Let mij zekering you right there. What I suggest to you is, a day before going out and picking up women, wear your fresh clothes and get used to them. You may feel awkward ter them at very first but they will grow on you, and you will look good. Women will notice that you have made an effort and will have their eyes on you. You will be the vooraanzicht runner te attracting women whereas the old you would have had no chance. Reminisce you look the part, and now you will feel the part. People looking at you and smiling will only make you feel better about yourself and make you feel more certain. The confidence will give you that internal belief that you CAN do this.

I am going to refer to a comedy vertoning called ‘How I met your mother’ a lotsbestemming ter thesis lessons, and I urge you to witness it too. Concentrate on the character of ‘Barney’ and pay particular attention to the way he

dresses, he is a pick up artist, and he frequently voices the love for his suits and says they are the reason he gets so many women back to his apartment.

1.В В В В В В always wear ‘dress to impress’ clothes before coming in the field

Two.В В В В В В being certain te your clothes will create attention for you

Trio.В В В В В В creating a rapport with a female retail assistant creates confidence

The things I want you to do are go to a shopping mall and go to three different clothes shops. You are to treatment a female assistant and ask them to suggest for fresh clothes. It is very significant to interact with them so you can build a rapport.

You are then to get convenient te your fresh clothes, by either wearing it at huis or going to your almacén pub with mates.

Ultimately you are to go to a brochure with your ‘dress to impress’ clothing and treatment Trio women with confidence.

This is only the beginning and you are going to feel superb about yourself. Next week I will be instructing you how to treatment a target. You will learn the technology of going up to women, being certain and by the end you will be getting their phone number. It does take some practice but wij can get there. I am certain that lesson two will be the beginning ter your steps to become a pick up artist!

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