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What Does That Text Mean? The Language of Texting

My Texting Dictionary

Have you everzwijn received a text and have no clue what it means? Have you everzwijn looked at your child’s cell phone and can’t understand their texts. Well, it has happened to mij, so I determined to do a lotsbestemming of research and compile a list of texting abbreviations for others like yourself to look through to understand those cryptic texts. I hope you find my list useful. If you have anything to add to the list, please leave it ter the comments and I will add it.

Numbers & Symbols

143 = I love you

14324*7 = I love you 24 hours day / 7 days a week

1sth& = very first forearm

2bctnd = to be continued

2fs = two finger salute

2g4u = too good for you

2hot4u = too hot for you

420 = marijuana, pot

4col = for weeping out noisy

4everys = forever yours

4f = for friends

4tnite = for tonight

4yeo = for your eyes only

4yi = for your information

Amof = a matter of fact

Adctd2txt = addicted to texting

Adip = another day te paradise

Adn = any day now

Afaic = spil far spil I am worried

Afaik = spil far spil I know

Afaict = spil far spil I can tell

Afair = spil far spil I can recall

Aisi = spil I see it

Ambw = all my best wishes

Aml = all my love

Spil = another subject

Asafp = spil soon spil f***ing possible

Asaik = spil soon spil I know

Asap = spil soon spil possible

Asaygt = spil soon spil you get this

Atb = all the best

Atm = a** to mouth

Atsl = along the same line

Awcigo = and where can I get one

Awhfy = are wij having joy yet

Ayor = at your own risk

Ayt = are you there

Bac = bad a** chick

Baik = boy, am I confused

Bau = business spil usual

Bb4n = bye bye for now

Bbiaf = be back te a few

Bbiam = be back ter a minute

Bbq = be back quick

Bbr = burnt beyond repair

Bcnu = be observing you

Bfd = big f***ing overeenkomst

Bff = best friends forever

Bffeae = best friends for everzwijn and everzwijn

Bhl8 = be huis late

Bibo = fecali te teddybeer out

Bif = before I leave behind

Biiteotb = beauty is ter the eye of the beholder

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