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Seems like a win-win.

I had originally signed up for Bubblews for listig building to my Hubs. I only created backlinks on Bubbles by creating a petite synopsis of my HubPage article and then adding a verbinding back to my HubPage. After only a duo of weeks I am observing Google rank my position much high than my utter HubPage articles. How is this possible? Is this problem with Google or with HubPages. This is undoubtedly very concerning, spil Bubblews is by no means high quality and standards are low. AGAIN. I have a very low quality brief synopsis of my innovador total length article rank much higher than my Hub!

The militar opinion seems to be that this voorwaarde be because bubblews is very fresh and Google is witnessing how it does before it spanks it for being so spammy. Most people don’t think bubblews will sustain into the long term (unless it earnestly imporves its content).

Spil referenced above, note that Pinterest wasgoed also deemed to not sustain, but it has and thrived. Some of the largest amount of views I have had on several hubs has bot from Pinterest shares and not from Google.

Well, nobody can foresee the future obviously. However I would think that pinterest is v. different from bubblews.

Who cares? Bubblews PAYS.

I think this sentiment is why many writers have stopped writing online.

Bubblews is better than Hubpages because they take a lotsbestemming less time to produce payment, and they pay at $Ten CPM. You can’t hit that = competitors lose. Bubblews wins.

Ordinary market mechanism te the Internet and ter the writing world. Writers zekering writing online because they are attempting to exploit the system and when they find they can’t, or can’t make a gepast living, they abandon.

Bubblews is the winner against Hubpages, unluckily.

I reckon it is fairly possible you are receiving a Google waterig.

What you describe fits the Bill. I no longer postbode backlinks, but if I did, I would use a fresh title and fresh ‘hub samenvatting’. That way they are not ter competition.

HP is a far stronger toneelpodium overall.

After Panda, all my hubs were outranked by snippets of the hubs I wrote on inferior platforms.

Don’t postbode backlinks at all is the best advice. 2nd best is my third sentence.

I have noticed that too. I have bot a member of Bubblews for more than a month now, and have noticed my Bubbles doing significantly well than my Hubs, despite putting more effort and doing more SEO on hubs. Don’t know why however.

It vereiste be because it is a fresh webpagina. I joined it too at the end of july. I have noticed a lotsbestemming of people postbode stuff that is either spam or very low quality. They even postbode stuff (aka bubbles) that is less than the 400 character ondergrens and yet it is published. And a loterijlot of stuff is just crap. How that’s permitted to be published I have no idea.

I have just tonight found four of my Hubs stolen and posted on Bubble WS. According to their traffic trackers, they’ve gotten more views with them, too. So I reckon they are out performing HubPages.

that is true, google give’s higher rank for bubblews, i have almost Ten articles that earn views rapidly te bubblews coming all from google Effortless to get views from bubblews than hubpages which is too slow

I think the ordinary truthful reaction about voorstelling is something I stand by on this kwestie. Bubblews requires less effort than Hub pages. So more people use it, ergo more advertisers see it spil valuable, and what seems to have value attracts Google.

When did you originally publish your Hub and when did you postbode the verbinding on Bubblews?

I’ve bot reading through the comments and am intrigued. When I couldn’t get onmiddellijk access to the webstek, I went through google and this blog popped up. It’s an interesting read because a man never got his money from Bubblews. &hellip, users.html Has anyone else had this problem?

A loterijlot of people are having this problem, and I’m one of them.

If your bubbles are anything like your hubs, you’re using photos that you don’t have the rights to. That is copyright infringement and against TOU.

I can’t believe people are still obsessing about Bubblews. I went there and made $100 ter a month. They have made the payout $50, so you have to write more and longer to get paid, but it’s still better than waiting a year on a thicker webpagina like this. I like HP, and am considering coming back. I miss writing big articles.

He is getting a lotsbestemming of traffic for that postbode.

Also, Bubblews is not running on Google – it’s got a 3rd party ‘advertising’ source for the ads that it displays. Google doesn’t indeed have much to say about it, albeit it can block the webpagina if it chooses, I suppose. I know the articles I’ve moved overheen to Bubblews make more money swifter and proceed to make money afterwards – just like Hubpages. But the extra income is so worth it. I may still use Hubpages for longer articles that I want more interactivity with readers on. But for the most part, Bubblews has a good embark, is going strong and yeah – makes us more money more often. Seems like a win-win. Wij’ll see if it lasts.

Hi Misfit Chick,

Yes, I wouldn’t waterput a truly long lump on there, but it’s worth it to get the money while it’s coming. I just write two a day when something pops into my mind. I write earnestly te other places. But it is mostly about connections with people you don’t and will never get to know. And you can tell from what they say when they comment they didn’t even to bother reading the brief blurbs.

Google pulls the same stunt with Pinterest. One crummy pic and an identically crummy single, brief sentence will outrank the 5-picture, 1500-word hub that it linksaf to.

That shows how stupid Google truly is. Like don’t waste the searchers time Google.

I think it’s only cause webpagina is fresh. It will get penalized eventually.

Bubblews does not need Google. It is a different spel. Google is overheen. Facebook is overheen.

I’ve earned .67 with my very first postbode there so far. A long road to 25, but it’s joy. I am working on my 2nd B masterpiece spil wij speak.

Not that long of a road. Took mij about a week to reach my very first redeem and my 2nd is only a duo days away. It comes quicker spil you connect more and become more social.

+1 on Bubblews being the spel changer. not so sure I’m going to write off Facebook just yet because I don’t use it spil a promotional contraption. I use it to keep ter touch with my high schoolgebouw and collegium friends and some family and I keep that segregated from my professional life.

I never thought of it te that way until I read your postbode here Mark. It is a useful chunk of information, thank you for posting this.

Cheers Tuesday. It is different to all that keyword research back-linking SEO business. Interactive and joy, get paid for posting and reading. I toevluchthaven’t done a month on there yet so no idea about long term – but income and pleasure is growing.

Bubblews seems to be going well at the minute – so worth attempting

How are they going to be penalized exactly? You are not understanding where the traffic is coming from. 6 million monthly views and growing by leaps and bounds because they are providing that juxtaposition of blogging and social networking. They do not rely on position ter the serps but they do monetize using adsense.

Spil a programmer, can attest to newer platforms ranking higher.

One of the primary reasons is the type of coding, freshness and ease of use. Sites with lighter code fair better than the stronger styles. HTML5 sites (mobile, tablet compatible) are ranking much better and is being used for Apps. A ideal example is Pinterest, Flipboard or Vine. My recently launched verhoging is doing outstanding with a hybrid method and compliance with the fresh schema, while such models spil RedGage, Wizzley, InfoBarrel are falling prompt. &quot,Te with the fresh is the motto&quot. The aforementioned platforms have reached mid to old age, ter an age where better technology and search methods are being used. Take for example Yandex Islands or Bing Social (Facebook API).

Fine information! Thanks. This is very unsettling. Hopefully the IT/technical team at HubPages is aware of this and making switches spil wij speak. After all, if wij lose business, they lose business. It’s a shame to see thesis low grade sites do better than thesis well established quality sites. It would be nice to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Exactly. Mobile is the future and sites that optimize for mobile devices are going to see a massive upturn te traffic.

The objective of Brief Form publishing is to provide instant gratification, summarized information. Such a structure can then be resonated te Long Form. Long Form publishing is still very much a necessity, but the stage (toneelpodium) such content resides needs to meet the request for speed, informatie, visual appeal and undoubtedly responsiveness to mobile/tablet, spil almost 66% of readers use such devices, bypassing old-school search protocol, preferring instead to read via selected social sphere topics, else recommended reading by peers or in-app suggestions.

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