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Back then, I thought, it would be downright stupid spil such feeling would only mean one thing-heartbreak.

Why does it have to be one-sided love?

I have known people who simply loves another even if the glaring fact is-the other person does not. One-sided love is what it is called. When I wasgoed junior, I often wondered why those people would chose to engage ter such an emotional tie and go to such trouble spil to love another who does not reciprocate the feeling. Back then, I thought, it would be downright stupid spil such feeling would only mean one thing-heartbreak. And then, something happened. Cupid played his dirty trick on me-I found myself ter the same predicament bondage spil those people. I wasgoed ter a one-sided relationship with mij doing all the loving,the providing, while the other person did no caring at all, simply receiving. I wasgoed glad while it lasted. Time flies, soon I moved on. But I never left behind the lesson. I know now why some people, myself included, come in into a one-sided love.

1. It’s not expensive. Unlike te an official relationship inbetween two persons, te a one-sided love there is no need to spend for the other person. It is not expected that you will buy chocolates, gifts, flowers for occasions like anniversaries, trips during holidays and the like. Besides, even if you spend a million, it is not a assure that the other person will like you, much more love you, anyway.

Two. There is freedom. Unlike te a relationship where both people seem to have the right to nag and compel the person to have an undertime at work just so he can accompany you ter your shopping, te a one-sided love, your time is yours to keep. You can spend it ter whatever way you want. No need to ask permission on what dress to wear, what stuff to buy, who you want to be with, what demonstrate to see on TV, and where you want to go.

Trio. No need to take care of the relationship.Ter a existente relationship, commitment is a vereiste. Loyalty is a voorwaarde. Good memory is a voorwaarde. Ter a one-sided love, you can look and admire someone else without being afraid of getting caught. You can leave behind hier bday and anniversary without feeling guilty.

Four. No expectations. When it happened to mij, I knew deep inwards that he does not feel the same. I hoped but I did not expect him to love mij back. After all, I cannot force him to do that, right? It wasgoed enough that I got to see him and get to talk to him at times. Besides, when you love, you voorwaarde not expect anything te terugwedstrijd. Otherwise, it would not be loving but investing.

Five. Can be ended anytime. So true. Ter a auténtico relationship, before one has to end the connection, some things are to be considered. Letting go of someone you truly love is the hardest part te life but te a one-sided relation, you set your own tempo. You can love him for spil long spil you want, but you can also end it anytime without the guilt that you might hurt him if you do.

6. The best part of a one-sided love is even if the other person did not love you back, you know that you love the person more than you thought you could.

Ter a one-sided love, it does not necessarily mean that the other person does not love you. It might be that he does not love you enough to make you blessed. Or it might be that the other person loves you but is not yet ready to commit. Or it maybe that it is not one-sided after all but only that he is too proud or does not have the courage to admit to what he truly feels.

Everything happens for the best. If the person you love doesn’t love you back, it does not mean that no person would. Someday, someone would. Be patient. He will come when you least expect it.

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