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Admit it, who hasn’t.

Online Dating for Weirdos

Strange Online Dating Sites

One of the good things about the internet is that it permits people from all overheen the world to communicate and find each other based on common interests. For some, this means joining an online forum on gardening, or animals, or whatever.

But what if you are looking for love online? There are many websites that suggest online dating, and I am sure most of you have heard or seen the ads for some of the larger and best established sites such spil eHarmony, or

All of thesis online dating sites will ask you to pack ter a questionnaire or form about yourself, including your physical attributes and likes and dislikes te the hopes of matching you up with a kindred spirit. But what if, let’s be fair now, you are just a bit (okay very) weird and have eccentic tastes te romantic vrouwen. Thesis plain vanilla dating sites just won’t cut it. You need to venture into the world of weird dating sites were every niche, every weird habit, finds acceptance, validation, and a most of all a community of like-minded weirdos waiting for you.

Here are some of weirdest online dating websites on the internet.

Dating Inmates – or Don’t Pick Up that Soap ter the Showers

A webpagina that matches you up with inmate penpals. Supposedly the aim is to help inmates overcome literacy problems and establish friendships with positive role models on the outside world. But the profiles often suggest a desire for a meaningful .

Convict Dating

Everzwijn wished to date a convict? Admit it, who hasn’t. The advantages are demonstrable: you always know where they are, they can’t cheat on you (well at least not with members of the opposite lovemaking) and spil George on Seinfeld found out, nothing hammers conjugal visit hookup.

But how do you meet your convict-darling? You might witness Nancy Grace and wait for the next celebrity murder and then establish a vulpen pal relationship with the next Scott Peterson but the problem with that treatment is that the guys and gals who get featured on CNN are the rock starlets of the prison world, with thousands of pathetic groupies pursuing them. They have their pick of the loser pile, and may not even notice you. Not even if you send them money for cigarettes.

For those with more realistic aspirations, such spil wanting to form a close and loving relationship with someone doing 20 to life, it is best to avoid the celebrities and get to know the quieter, more stable, inmates that have not bot spoiled by fame.

The webpagina offers you the chance to develop penpal relationships with inmates. It’s supposedly all for a good cause — providing the inmates a chance to forge positive relationships with people on the outside. But many of the profiles suggest that the inmates are after a little bit more than a penpal friendship.

I especially like the out-dated photos of some of the women prisoners, taken before they got sentenced to life a decade ago.

A DISCLAIMER: This is so I don’t get sued. But if it is not visible to you already, dating or establishing any form of relationship or communication with convicted felons is not safe. So don’t do it. View the webpagina. Snicker at the stupidity of others who have fallen for this and budge on.

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