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For travel to the United States on a makeshift onderstel, including tourism, improvised employment, probe and exchange.

For foreign citizens who want to live permanently te the United States.

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) permits citizens of participating countries* to travel to the United States without a visa for stays of 90 days or less, when they meet all requirements.

Alerts and Messages for U.S. visitors to Ghana.

U.S. Citizens with emergencies, please call +233 (0) 30-274-1000

Outside of Office Hours, voeling: +233 (0) 30-274-1000

Outside of Ghana: +233-30-274-1000

Learn more about quality higher-education opportunities ter the U.S. that you will not find anywhere else te the world.

No. 24, Fourth Circular Rd., Cantonments, Accra

Phone: +233 (0) 30 274 1000

U.S. citizens should be omzichtig to attempts at fraud by persons who profess friendship or romantic rente overheen the Internet, especially those claiming to be U.S. citizens living, traveling or serving te the U.S. military te Ghana. Correspondents’ quick transition to discussion of intimate matters could be an indicator of fraudulent intent. Correspondents may cultivate the relationship for several months before asking for money, but if they are after your money, eventually they will ask for it.

Before you send any money to Ghana, please take the time to do your research and inform yourself. Begin by considering the fact that scams are common enough to warrant this warning. Next, look overheen this partial list of indicators. If any of them sound natural, you are likely the victim of an internet scam.

  • You met a friend/fiance online.
  • You’ve never met face to face.
  • Your verslaggever professed love at warp speed.
  • Your friend/fiance is plagued with medical or other life problems requiring loans from you.
  • You are promised repayment upon the inheritance of alluvial gold or gems.
  • You’ve sent large sums of money for visas or plane tickets but the person cannot seem to make it out of Ghana.
  • When your friend does attempt to leave the country, he/she gets into a car accident or is detained by immigration officials requiring payment, bribes, or proof of a certain amount of contant on palm for travel.
  • Your verslaggever consistently uses lower case “i’s” and/or grammar not ter keeping with their supposed life station or education level.

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