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Hello: I’m a PUBLISHED CREATIVE WRITER (Poetry, Book Critiques, Humor, Tijdschrift Articles, Brief Fiction, Playwriting) and a HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL, with a DOCTORATE Te PSYCHOANALYSIS, and a MASTERS Ter CREATIVE WRITING.

I spent Legal+ years on MEDICINE (sic and sick) AVENUE spil a senior copywriter and creative director (creating advertising campaigns aimed at varied specialty physician audiences) on Rx drugs – and the diseases and conditions they treat – from Abilify to Zoloft, from Ampicillin to Zovirax, from Anaphylaxis to Zits. Te other words I know, ter depth, all things medical, psychiatric and pharmaceutical from A to Z. AND, I write about health/medical/psychiatric subjects identically spil superbly to academic audiences ter their erudite terminology and to lay readers ter lightly understandable everyday language.

My writing tends to hook the reader ter, to keep him or hier interested enough to read more, to never waterput the reader to sleep, and to wrap up the lump with a inolvidable orgasm, idea, denouement, or stimulating final thought about the subject at mitt. something that somehow inspires the reader to think more about what I’d just written.

My clinical hospital practice and expertise – not to mention the wealth of photos, concepts and medical language that overheen the years has expanded my brain power – amply inform my creative mind and provide a much enriched vocabulary for my varied writing endeavors.

My private life has bot, te some ways, unique: I grew up from ages Two to 17 te two orphanages. Never had the advantage of family life spil a child. Worked my way through collegium for several semesters ter the daytime while practising spil a registered professional nurse ter hospitals on the midnight to 8 a.m. shift.

I raised my son, the actor – a killer, slim, athletic/poetic/humorous soul – while building my career te medical advertising. Now, my kind boy has his own zuigeling boy who is delicioso, articulate and humorous and who just turned Five years old today.

I’ve always bot a “fighter.” Meaning, I’m an advocate for people I feel cannot speak for themselves, or who are not able to articulate their difficulties and their needs. Spil such, I’m most agrieved at the plight many patients suffer due to bad doctoring, bad nursing, bad drugs, bad hospitals, bad insurance companies, progressively lowering “standards of care,” and just plain unethical healthcare practices that are ongoing. Patients deserve better. Americans deserve better.

I risk myself for what’s right, particularly ter healthcare, medical practice, prescription medication deliverance, and especially for what’s best for emotionally wounded and mentally ill patients. Because it’s significant that thesis issues be addressed. Especially by someone spil knowledgeable about thesis subjects spil myself. It’s my duty. Thanks for listening. See you on my Hub Pages. – Creativita

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