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It’s a matter of how committed wij are to following Heer’s project.

Do you think it is a good idea for a minister to date a member of the congregation? Why or why not?

No, they can not be objective te that person’s private, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Thank you Ronald Bachner – but what if that is the person Godheid created for them?

ReneeDC 1979, there is no rock hard rule to go after. Ter militar it is a poor policy to be involved with your congregation on the dating level. If the minister plays only the role of dating that person there may be slagroom for consideration.

rb please give mij a scripture to support this, i can not find one

It is fine if they date however meeting each other ter the ‘ordinario’ way, but not so if that minister uses the position of minister to manipulate the congregation member to date.

Thank you Mick S – I agree with you there – Thanks for stopping by and keep hubbing!

now this I can agree with, because it violates scripture and he should be confronted and if he will not repent, eliminated.

I guess that could toebijten, and would be awful, but if were so, then the minister & his congregation have fatter issues than his dating habits to consider.

Thanks Credence2 and superb points!

Excellent, well thought-out reaction, Credence. The lady ter the dating role voorwaarde be aware of what it means to fulfill a preacher’s wifey’s role. It’s not only the minister himself who voorwaarde be aware & oplettend. Congregation has at most, a secondary r

All of my thinking and reasoning vereiste go back to the Bible.The Bible clearly states ter I Timothy Three:Two, &quot, A bishop then voorwaarde be blameless, the spouse of one wifey . . . .&quot, The bishop ter this case would be the minister. It is a Biblical prerequisite that the minister is to be a married man. That being said, he is also to be true to his wifey. So no, not only is it a bad idea, but it’s not scriptural spil well.

Thank you lifegate. What if he is single and the woman te his congregation is the one Heerser intends to be his wifey?

Good question ReneeDC1979. It’s a matter of how committed wij are to following Schepper’s project. The Scripture says that a minister vereiste be the hubby of one wifey. If he is not married, .he is not a spouse. That disqualifies him from ministry,

The 1 Timothy list is made up of character traits. Why is the one about the spouse of one wifey different? Is it that he vereiste be married, or is it that his character should be of loyalty and fidelity? Paul could oversee pastors but not be one?

Liftgate, that encontrarse is talking about being a man of virtue and fidelity. It is telling that he voorwaarde be faithful to his wifey IF he has one, not that he voorwaarde have one.

Certainly a predikant should vertoning loyalty and fidelity te his character. But nowhere does it say that &quot,the spouse of one wifey &quot, is a character trait and nowhere do I see the word &quot,if&quot, the predikant is married. It is what it is.

Go back to good Bible explore principles. If I talent a list of fish names, would you call one a dog? No. Te 1tim Three wij have a list of character traits, yet you rename one something else. It is character that matters all through the Bible

that is true , but the question wasgoed minister, not elder. there are other ministers that are not elders. most pastors are not scriptural elders

Why is the Christian’s life governed by rules. Jesus did not instruct this, the Pharisees did. Jesus instructed and exemplified a life led by an individual’s onmiddellijk voeling with Heer, not a list of rules set forward by self appointed spiritual experts.

Being the spouse of one wifey, te tegenstelling to more than one (spil wasgoed not uncommon ter that day) makes sense. Spil an admonition for an elder: ELDER persons are likely to be married & should be mico.

Absolutely not. Dual roles are a conflict of rente. Dual roles where one role is te a position of authority are a conflict of rente that is socially and psychologically harmful. Ministers provide counseling, their rules should be spil stringent spil the rules for psychologists, and the APA (American Psychological Association) forbids psychologists from dating their clients.

Thank you SidKemp. So is the predikant supposed to be vensterluik? They are still a man? Are they not supposed to be blessed spil well? If they are single what is the difference inbetween them dating someone ter the church and mij dating someone ter the church?

How is the minister supposed to have found the good spouse if unmarried at the embark of the ministry? Stable marriages come from sensible, mature courtships. Or is he to be out of luck if not already married if hired right out of seminary?

When I wasgoed a predikant, I never considered the people clients. Wij were fellow Christians, each using his/hier gifts for the building up of the bod. This is not like a psychologist/patient relationship.

SidKemp. So, if a minister starts his career spil a single man, then he voorwaarde meet his future wifey outside of his own congragation? While I can see the issues that might arise from the &quot,dating ter the flock&quot, scenerio, I do not see a Biblical reason.

I agree w/all comments: the standard is rigorous. How: if a minister & congregant get interested, the congregant can attend a sister church for several years of courtship. When they truly know the relationship is solid, they wed. Allegiance works!

please Sid, vertoning mij one scripture (fresh wilsbeschikking) to support this, I can not find one

Celafoe, see LifeGate’s on 1 Timothy Trio:Two. It upholds a standard even stricter. All of Timothy Three indicates sober responsibilities. To be &quot,well thought of&quot, requires the absence of even the appearance of a conflict of rente te any profession.

THANKS cam8510– for a dual barreled scriptural reaction. wij can see you understand

If a minister is a clever, professional predikant, and knows how to keep his work life and his person life te order, then he or she may be able to date a member of the congregation successfully. Members of the congregation who are sensible, wise adults know that the minister is a human being who has a right to a private life. If the minister is a person of character and practices good ethical behavior is all aspects of his or hier life, then &quot,What is the problem with him or hier leading a regular, healthy life like everybody else?&quot,

Thank you Dr. Haddox. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for stopping by and keep hubbing!

if he is a clever professional predikant , he has no business leading a fresh wilsbeschikking church. Schepper HATES the clergy/laity format

but it is ok ter the churches of dudes because they have their own rules that supercede scripture

If they are both single and matched te age, they should be free to meet socially to get to know whether they may be compatible ter other ways significant to each of them. Then it is up to each of them to ascertain whether or not to budge forward. It is a natural, sensible part of intelligently seeking a life-long fucking partner, not evidence of irresponsible fickleness.

If not meeting with someone ter his/hier own congregation te which mutual ideas are most likely, where else and what better place should a minister look for prospective well-matched vrouwen? There are places with a much lower likelihood of finding an ideal playmate!! Spil to the congregation member, there are issues to consider with linking with a minister, too. Grownups face thesis kinds of challenges te all walks of life.

Certainly ministers bring no special authority overheen others to a private alignment more than any other person. They are not ordained beyond their ministerial duties which should also be from a position of service and humility, not from dominance and superior authority.

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