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How You Know Someone Wants to Be Your Friend

Some friends don’t want to dangle all the time. Some friends need time for themselves. And some friends don’t know what the hell they want at all. You usually help with this.

But still, they are your friends. And wij ter life, don’t want to waste our time on someone who doesn’t want one.

I have here for all who’s nosey, the most crucial signs that someone doesn’t want to be your friend.

Who Are You?

You toevluchthaven’t spoken to this person ter a year. They’ve forgotten you number. You have to remind them what your number is. You call them and they never response the phone. You text them and they don’t text you back for days.

On top of this, they don’t know much of anything about you. Meaning, they toevluchthaven’t bot paying attention to much of anything you’ve said about yourself. This is someone who does not want to be your friend.

I Don&rsquo,t Truly Want To Be Bothered With You Like That

They don’t want to hear about any of your problems, avoiding you when you’re going through something. They run when you need something, or treat you like you should give to get.

And they avoid you altogether when something terrible happens, they truly don’t want to be a support system.

A friend or someone who wants to be your friend attempts to help you. They will stay with you for spil long spil you need them either physically or even overheen the damn phone. This is someone who wants to be your friend.

Ter typical friendships, everyone meets up to drape even just to talk or gossip, or give advice. This could be at refrigerio or while exercising together or whatever.

Friends talk, string up just to drape, see each other because they care about one another. And they’re also no holds barred talks, typically about everything. And it should feel to you, spil common spil night and day.

If they make no time to drape with you, strafgevangenis like suspending when you suggest, they do not want to be your friend.

Last Note

Some people don’t know how to be a friend or have a friend. Some people don’t know how to keep a friend. They can’t realize a good friend and that’s just sad.

There’s nothing you can do about it strafgevangenis is there anything you should do about it. If they don’t want to be your friend, they just don’t. Just budge on to more practices that are definite ter life, spil there are always fresh friends to be made.

There’s nothing more valuable te friendship than the friend themselves. This is a universal bounty that everyone can find anywhere.

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