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Would you proceed to date a stud you like

Ladies, if I wasgoed your type of Fellow and wij had bot on several very nice dates together but you noticed the Lacey back of a panty when I leaned overheen to pick some flowers for you, would you proceed to see mij? Would you ask about it? Or would you call mij names and run? Just asking.

Nice! I’d tell you I liked your panty and proceed to date you. I have a very open mind about such things. It takes a lotsbestemming more than a little lacey cross-dressing to crank mij out of a relationship. After all, it’s not the same thing spil finding a severed head ter your fridge.

Nice. Thanks Disturbia wish there were more like you te the world

I would most undoubtedly zekering dating you. After of course telling you how abhorrent I think it is that a straight stud would wear a panty on a date. I would much rather date someone of good taste te all areas, including wardrobe.

And less like this

LOL, well it takes all kinds and everybody is different. Now if I caught you wearing big old granny undies that might be another story.

No granny undies here. I have a beautiful collection of lace and silk swimsuits and knickers. Truly like hip highs and garters.

OMG! Mij TOO! Truly like hip highs and garters I mean. I have closets utter of undergarments. It’s an absolute addiction. Doesn’t matter what I’m wearing on the outside, I always wear something delicious underneath.

You sound like the volmaakt GF!

LOL, I blame my very first hubby. Of course, I blame him for everything, but he’s the one who got mij hooked on sexy undergarments. He would dress mij up like I wasgoed some zuigeling of doll. It wasgoed something wij both loved.

Sounds like joy. Wij could be Disturbia Barbie and Undergarments Kennen

I’ve bot called a loterijlot of things te my life, but until now, never a Barbie.

Is a very first for everything

Hey, you asked lol

Why is it that a woman can go into a store a buy briefs and nobody pays attention but if a Fellow buys undies everyone gives him a weirdo look? Why ter this society do wij gender our clothing?

I think that is only because some people are so bored and unhappy with their lifes that they need to concentrate ter other’s.

My thoughts exactly but last night I got that &quot,I know you’re a weirdo&quot, look while browsing the spanbroek rack and again at the cashier. But she had to add she didn’t think they would gezond mij. I bet they do I dreamed to say

Shouldn’t worry about those things. There will always be people attempting to waterput you down, ready to ruin your joy just because they have nothing else to do 🙁 very sad I think.

I have actually made some of my boys wear ladies underwear either for parties, or spil a &quot,penalty&quot.

You can penalize mij anytime then wij can go to the party

I left my spouse for numerous reasons, the largest reason being his abusiveness, but a duo of years into our marriage he commenced cross-dressing. I attempted my best to support him and not criticize but I never could wrap my head around it and ter the end I just wasgoed not convenient with it. Either way I didn’t leave him just because he liked lacy knickers but I would never again date a man who did. I do not judge him for it, strafgevangenis will I judge you or anyone else, I just know that I am not personally convenient ter that situation.

Do you mind if I ask you a question? Do you love undergarments? If your hubby had bot a nice dude caring thoughtful loving would a panty have made him a different man

That is difficult for mij to reaction spil he wasgoed very selfish, I never felt that he actually cared about mij at all during our six years together. However I know that I talent him a chance and never told him he could not wear it unless there wasgoed a chance the children could see it. Personally I find knickers te particular to be rather awkward but other forms of undergarments have their place ter my drawers.

I suppose it wasgoed his behavior that indeed threw mij off. I didn’t like him during those times strafgevangenis did I like his behavior leading up to those times. He would make it into some twisted spel, getting aggressive with mij, scaring the children and mij and requesting that I give him permission to ‘dress’. I did not feel the children needed to be ter such a confusing environment spil they were little and incapable to understand so I asked him to at least limit his dressing to after bloembed time. If he dreamed to dress earlier and I wasgoed not compliant, I bore the brunt of his frustration.

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