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The only thing that can zekering a bad stud with a gun is

6,000 very trained professional good guys with guns, an entire metropolitan area shut down for a day, and who knows how many millions of dollars. Perhaps wij should rethink gun control/rights te our country. Or at least, pressure the NRA to rethink its mantra.

Are you attempting to draw an absolute from a gegevens sample of 1?

Te the end it took one man smoking a cigarette to find the bad stud I wonder if it could have ended differently if he had a gun on him?

All but 1 of the mass shootings te public area ter the past 30-50 years have happened te &quot,gun free zones&quot. The &quot,Dark Knight theater&quot, shooting took place te the ONE theater te the area with a posted &quot,gun free zone&quot, policy. There were other theaters that were closer or larger to the killer’s huis. Why did he chose that one?

There are already laws on the books that are not being enforced. How will fresh laws that infringe on &quot,shall not be infringed&quot, by the federal government save even one life?

Oh, how adequate this is:

Except that John Stewart states that Miranda rights are found ter the Constitution, but they were, instead, from a 1966 court case. The 5th Amendment states &quot,strafgevangenis shall be compelled&quot, to give up information, it does not say that one voorwaarde be told that they do not have to provide information. The 6th Amendment states that they shall be &quot,informed of the nature and cause of the accusation&quot,, spil someone can not be detained or arrested without cause. It does not state that a person vereiste be told that they can withhold information. This is the reason the Miranda readings are under scrutiny. Many are calling for them to be liquidated, spil they do not directly apply to the Constitution. For now they are the law, but they are not specifically Constitutional spil a mandate.

Spil to his &quot,quoting&quot, firearm homicide rates, they are way off. Te 2008 with a population of approximately 300,000,000 people, there were under 11,000 homicides by firearm. And most were committed with mitt guns and not the feared &quot,evil&quot, rifle. while 11,000 deaths is a horrible thing for those involved, it is a very petite % of the population and would not be affected by stricter laws on law abiding citizens. Enforce existing laws.

Yep, the pretend constitutionalists are very funny people.

What is a ,&quot,pretend Constitutionalist&quot,?


I can think of one thing that would be differently if it has bot &quot,Boston Shooters&quot, Obama would have all the survivors sticking to him like glue. good props are hard to come by.

My Aker, an authority figure using a precedent to make switches? THAT ALMOST SOUNDS LIKE WHAT AUTHORITY FIGURES ARE SUPPOSED TO DO!!

No, it’s a politician attempting to manipulate emotion rather than arguing from logic.

You’re right. Politicians should never play to emotions, and instead use only logic.

Absolutely right Zelkiiro. That’s why it has to be darn right inconvenient that they used pressure cookers instead of guns. Don’t worry it seems like our nation is deteriorating fairly prompt, I’m sure you’ll get a mass shooting sooner or straks to shove your anti-gun dietario’s

I bet there going to verbod pressure cookers. there goes my volmaakt rice.

I think Garrocha made those parents &quot,props&quot, (I very object to this word) when he slok their children. I take it take. the NRA made them props when the suggested guns have nothing to do with those deaths and that their children would have bot safer if there had bot more guns te their schools. I think most parents would do exactly what those parents are doing if their children were slok – installing themselves on caudal hill to shame politicians into making meaningful switch to reduce the chances that this happens again and then when it does, it harms fewer people. Obama is doing what leaders should do – putting a human face to the tradegy that occurs when our system is not working. Our system includes: gun control measures, spil well spil the mental health system. People keep talking about this, and I think most people agree wij need a better mental health system. The difference is that some of us are willing to pay for it, and some (often the same gun rights folks who are also anti-tax) are not. Reagan dismantled our mental health system te the 80s and it has never bot rebuilt. Obama is pushing forward gun control AND he is pushing for lots of $ to go towards improved mental health, especially ter schools, where funding has bot cut severely to address this specific punt.

I don’t know that you can generalize.

Te Seattle today, it took 8 police officers and Four guiltless civilian plus the bad boy’s deaths.

Or menaces to use the gun?

Or has already used the gun to do bad.

Uh. . .are you looking for a sign that reads &quot,gun-free zone&quot, spil an reaction? Maybe wij should simply tell bad guys with guns to zekering, or wij could say please. Maybe if wij ask nicely, that would work.

No, I’m indeed commenting on this fantasy that it’s effortless for a &quot,good dude&quot, to zekering a &quot,bad boy.&quot, The NRA portrays it spil plain, but wij’ve seen overheen and overheen again that indeed well trained good guys with guns often don’t succeed ter stopping the bad guys with guns. Wij’ve also seen that identifying the &quot,good&quot, contra &quot,bad&quot, dude (a schuiflade Martin v. Zimmerman) is not so ordinary.

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