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Karaoke Caf te Orange County, CA So you’re looking for some good karaoke te Orange County.

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With a sarcastic, witty and humorous outlook, I spend my days ter sunny California pondering overheen life’s mysteries at the beach. I think life is fascinating and worth examining, and I very likely read too many psychology books. Writing is my passion, along with helping people ter any way I can. (Usually I choose to help people using my sarcastic wit and humor. ) My dearest writing topics are relationships, humor ter everything, music and quirks of life.

M. Rose is my schrijfstift name, M. for my auténtico name (Melissa) and Rose because my fondest childhood memories include playing ter my grandparents’ rose garden.

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Four Ways to Care for Yourself When You&rsquo,re Feeling Sad

When you can’t come up with a sad enough Whatsapp status. attempt thesis cheering up tips instead.

Five Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships Never Work

People te long distance relationships are like the kid ter your class who does the reserve hard math problems at the end of each section just for joy. Or the person who wakes up at 4AM to run 16 miles every day, up a mountain te the rain. They’re doing.

Ten More Best and Worst Karaoke Songs to Sing

Welcome to the Ten Best and Worst Karaoke Songs Part Two!! I’ve received so many song suggestions ter comments on my very first list that I got the idea to write a 2nd best and worst list, using only the songs suggested by people te comments. There were.

Insecure People Suck: A Rant of Epic Proportions

This about covers it. uh right. You suck. I don’t attempt to ruin your lives. why do you attempt to ruin mine? No love, M. Rose This rant wasgoed inspired by a quote. It’s at the bottom of the pagina. Insecure people are like locusts. They’re.

15 Rules of Etiquette for Rock Concerts

I’ve logged a loterijlot of muziekstuk time. After watching hundreds of bands, mostly at militar admission shows (seats are for wimps), you learn a thing or two. I’ve done it all: backstage, onstage, met bands, crowd surfed, moshed, stood ter the back, and bot.

Karaoke Kroegen te Orange County, CA

So you’re looking for some good karaoke te Orange County. After doing a quick search, I found that there were no good sites that had detailed reviews of karaoke places around the OC. For shame! Since thesis places tend to be varied ter their joy.

Ten Ways to Get Overheen Your Ex Beau

Breakups are the worst invention ter the history of man. Nobody loves them. Wij yell, then wij sob, eat 6 gallons of mint chocolate chip ice juices by ourselves, observe anti-men movies like Thelma and Louise, and reject to leave the house for weeks.

Ten Best and Worst Karaoke Songs to Sing

I’ll admit it. It’s embarrassing, but my friends and I are karaoke junkies. It wasn’t always this way. Wij would karaoke every now and then, for something different to do. Now, wij hanker it. Wij make lists of songs to sing and get excited when wij come.

How to Overcome Codependent Relationships

Codependence is like a leech. It starts leisurely, stealing every other one of your weekends, and resumes to suck you dry until every single day is consumed by your codependent relationship. Perhaps you always end up te codependent relationships. .

Five Reasons Not to Get Back With Your Ex

Instead of thinking of ways to get them back, think of all the reasons you’re better off exclusief.

Ten Studs You Don’t Want to Date

Dating is hard. Earnestly. I’m horrible at it. And with all the nonsense of internet dating websites and books like The Spel, it’s hard to believe that anybody finds true love te this day and age. But after being ter the single world for a while (and.

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