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It is an old trick.

John Hollywood is a speelpop culture reporter that writes articles with a psychological twist or wellness slant.

So I have bot talking to a number of friends who have bot running into a cycle of going on dates where it becomes fairly evident early ter the practice that it is just not going to be a good match.

A lotsbestemming of people think gay dudes are finicky and maybe that is true to some extent however, I still there are most likely a number of universal very first date overeenkomst breakers that are exclusively linked exclusively to gay guys.

I talked to several relationship counselors at about a topic that doesn’t get almost enough attention – very first dates.

What I learned is that the list I created wasgoed pretty much accurate.

According to Daniel Sullivan, licensed psychotherapist and gay dating accomplished te Chicago, there does indeed show up to be some significant things to keep ter mind when it comes to very first dates and gay dudes.

“Gay boys have their own unique set of standards when it comes to dating”, says Sullivan.

“It is significant to recognize the differences, particularly when looking at topics like dating, relationships and potentially, marriage. You can often tell a superb overeenkomst on a very first date.”

– Daniel Sullivan, Licensed Psychotherapist

What goes after are 10-gay very first date overeenkomst breakers. There are many more that could be added to this list but what goes after are the biggies!

Ten Gay Very first Date Overeenkomst Breakers

1. Dude is buzzed or high (or both)

Yep – this one is a major overeenkomst breaker and it zuigeling of makes no sense why somebody would vertoning up to a very first date all high or messed up.

I am thinking this likely had to so with issues related to self-esteem and being fearful of rejection. Zuigeling of an oxymoron if you ask mij. Under this point, guys that drink too much during a very first date can also be deal-breaker … at least for a loterijlot of guys I know.

Two. Dude is on his smart-phone

One of my mates collective that on the last Three dates he wasgoed on, the boy pulled out his smart-phone during the date and commenced texting somebody. I personally think this is rude but can also understand that emergencies come up.

And yeah – some people use the clever phone spil a way of “getting out of a gay date” (and straight dates). It is an old trick. This one however still seems to be pretty high up there spil far spil overeenkomst breakers go.

Trio. Dude asks too many questions

I can recall when I wasgoed on a few dates where it felt like I wasgoed interviewing for some job. I am not sure where the fine line is inbetween wanting to get to know somebody and crossing the line where the questions become offensive.

A lotsbestemming of dudes I know tell mij they choose to let the other person talk but if only one person is sharing, how can two people truly get to one another?

What are your gay very first date overeenkomst breakers?

Four. Dude doesn’t make enough money or too much money

This may seem like a shallow point but I want to keep it existente te this list so that is why I am going there. If you are making a six figure salary, it is kleuter of hard to get serious about dating someone who is pulling te ondergrens wage.

A friend of mine recently met a hot dude and the two seem liked they had a loterijlot te common. Both of them were 40, both of them te the same political party and both of them into sports, fitness and what have you. But the dude my friend went on a date with collective that he had bot unemployed for six-months and wasgoed working at McDonald’s.

Don’t get mij wrong, I am not judging here. Just telling that for a loterijlot of gay guys, that is a overeenkomst breaker (and straight people too). What do you think?

Five. Dude is too picky about food and entertainment

So yeah, this one seems goofy but I just know a loterijlot of people who call of a very first date before it starts because the boy they are interested ter seems to be overly picky about where to eat or what to do on the very first date. And still other friends of mine have bot on a date with someone where the fellow took forever a day to order food because they insisted on “fat free” this and “low-calorie” that. Is this a foolish reason to list spil a very first date overeenkomst breaker for gays?

6. Dude did not look like his photographs

I will never understand why someone would send a picture of themselves to someone else for the purposes of getting a very first day where the picture just not accurate. Here, I am talking about gay dudes using photographs that are Ten years old or when they were 30 pounds lighter. Call mij crazy but why play that spel? A overeenkomst breaker for sure and I am not sure there is much debate around this one.

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