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If you just want peace of mind, I’d recommend somebody like Eckhart Tolle before Roosh any day.

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There are a handful of reasons. (Overlook the stupid no. and text formatting please)

  1. Roosh is a narcissist. He needs to court attention at all costs, so will sometimes leak schouwspel to the media and press to incite flame wars where he can take vuurlijn of stage. He doesn’t show up to care why he gets attention, or whether it’s praise or a call for his head on a pike (spil is basically the case ter numerous countries), he just needs the validation supply.


The quality of his content is therefore near immaterial, spil long spil you’re reading it.

  1. Roosh relies upon his readership to make a living. Roosh became a…well, not household but popular (now infamous) name within the pick-up community through his Verschrikt! books, his Roosh V forum which you seem to be checking out, and Comeback of Kings. However, IF his readers get TOO certain, then maybe they won’t need his advice anymore! It is therefore within his rente to ensure that his readers are always just depressed and disillusioned enough to feel dependent upon him and his community for solace.

This is a common trick used by narcissists, snake oil salesmen and cult leaders.

Create a problem-&gt, coax your victims/targets that the problem is verdadero (or, exaggerate an existing problem,) -&gt, keuze there is no hope and everyone on the outside is against you (re-enforce human tribalist response)-&gt, proclaim yourself their saviour and that you have a ‘grand plan’ to switch things (deliberately keep vague to maintain illusion of power and divine authority)

Voila, insecure people with poor critical thinking abilities will flock to you.

This only works if you keep them coaxed that the outside world is bad and against them. Hope can only come from INSIDE-from the leader. Te this case, from Roosh spil the centre of his own self-styled cult of personality.

  1. Roosh has abandoned private self-improvement for fringe conservative and Alt-Right politics. Like a few online figures, he witnessed that the next thickest spot ter the limelight would be to support Trump te the primaries, and his blog reflects this sentiment of “make America superb again!” He went spil far spil providing a middle finger to his flamante brothers te allurement, the Crimson Pill. He claimed that he wasgoed being disrespected by them not recognising his authority, and that the Reddit TRP sub had regressed into PUA when there wasgoed a greater culture war to fight. (Unspoiled hypocrisy, truly, that’s all Roosh has everzwijn done since leaving uni.)

Roosh had a few good ideas back ter the day, but most of them were taken from Versnellingshandel and more mainstream masters like Mystery, Neil ‘Style’ Strauss, David den Angelo and so on. If you want some self improvement advice, or even to learn Spel, there are far better places to go. Mark Manson would be a good commence, spil would be The Kunst of Charm, SucceedSocially, hell even Actual Social Dynamics maybe. If you just want peace of mind, I’d recommend somebody like Eckhart Tolle before Roosh any day.

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