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Here is the Facebook Help pagina that confirms the removal of this feature.

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I love to write. Ter my Blessed Hub world you’ll find articles on anything from Politics to Travel to Technology and more. Be sure to zekering back often to see what is fresh, or better yet, become a fan and receive a notice everytime I write.

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Sensational Vraaggesprek with A. Devia, Leader of the Fresh Online Church, Wanderer

Off the hook vraaggesprek with A. Devia, the mysterious leader of the schoolgebouw of thought, Wanderer. Not all who wander are lost.

You’ll Be Shocked at How Dumb People Can Be!

It doesn’t seem to matter if you dropped out ter the 5th grade or graduated with PhD, wij all have our dumb moments, but thesis take the cake!

Facebook’s &quot,Actual Name Policy&quot, Still Hurting People

Ter the fall of 2014, Facebook instituted a &quot,Actual Name&quot, policy. They began systematically deleting the accounts of anyone they determined wasgoed using a &quot,fake&quot, name.#facebooklied #mynameis Mab, Just Mab!

How to Get through Dating Prince Charming aka the Good Boy

You now have your very own Prince Charming. Now what? Cheerfully Everzwijn After, right? Nope. It’s hard. Indeed hard. But worth it.

Top 6 Solutions to Get a Verbinding to your Blogger Postbode to Display te Facebook

You’ve posted a verbinding to your blog postbode on Facebook but it’s not displaying the postbode summary and thumbnail? Then keep reading, I have your solution.

Gmail Flashes with Redirect Loop, Won’t Login

Gmail screen goes white, tabulator flashing, URL blinking truly swift, web address alternating inbetween two different addresses. Redirect Loop. Can’t loom ter to Gmail.

Tips for Parenting Youthfull Children

Parenting didn&rsquo,t always come effortless and I got a loterijlot of good advice overheen the years, so now it&rsquo,s time to give back and share what I&rsquo,ve learned.

Slew of Fish Online Dating – Tips for Guys

My advice about the Slew of Fish Profile is pretty plain. Pictures. You need pictures. If you toevluchthaven’t uploaded even one picture, I’m going to assume that there is something hideously wrong with your appearance or your personality and stir on.

Clearing a Clogged Drain Naturally

Slow drains are the bane of almost every huis at one time or another. The grocery store shelves are utter of solutions to clear a slow drain and avoid a call to the plumber. However, thesis drain clearing products are utter of chemicals that are.

How to Wrap Text Around an Picture ter OneNote

Microsoft OneNote 2007 can wrap text around an picture, sort of. OneNote is not a utter fledged word processing strafgevangenis layout and vormgeving software. Microsoft Word and Publisher were designed for those purposes. Unluckily, that means the programers.

How to Harvest Rose Petals

Rose petals have long bot harvested and used spil a symbol of love and romance, but they have many other practical and ornamental uses. Besides being sprayed across a table, floor or bloembed for their beauty and odor, they can be used ter teas, jams.

My Decision to have a Repeat C-Section Rather than a VBAC

I am a certified Usui and Lightarian Reiki Master which is a form of arms on energy healing. I am more likely to treat a cold with vitamins and tea than antibiotics. I practice meditation and attachment parenting. Te brief, I am an slim and.

Using Keywords te your HUB for Search Engine Ranking

Keyword usage and placement is just spil significant to writing a good HUB spil your topic and content. Merienda you choose a topic to write about, you need to determine on two or three keywords that people would most likely use when searching for the.

Emailing Friends from Facebook

You can not directly send an email to another person via Facebook. Within Facebook, you can send messages to people on your Friends List. Thesis messages are similar to an email ter that it is a private communication, however you have to loom onto.

Drudge Report

The infamous Drudge Report is nothing more than a mitt picked aggregate of linksaf to news stories from trusted sources around the globe with skyrocketing popularity. Find out what you’re missing.

Getting your HUB or other Webstek Listed te Search Engines Rapid

Now that you’ve waterput all of this time and effort into writing the flawless HUB, blog or web pagina, you need people to read it right? There are a lotsbestemming of different things you can do to drive traffic to your pagina such spil: Purchasing Advertising from.

How to Add your RSS Feed to Your Facebook Pagina

I am sorry to announce that Facebook has eliminated the RSS Feed feature. I recommend you voeling Facebook to complain and request that it be restored. Here is the Facebook Help pagina that confirms the removal of this feature.

Living on Martha’s Vineyard

About Living on Martha’s Vineyard: Martha’s Vineyard is a resort island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Nine miles broad and 23 miles long, this triangular shaped island is approximately 100 square miles of lush vegetation and quaint.

Slew of Fish Dating

They say there are slew of fish te the sea. Now you can waterput that to the test, for free. is a free online dating webpagina. Not a look for free, pay to date webpagina, but a truly free dating webpagina. Read profiles, send messages, and attend.

Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado is located just fifteen minutes from Denver. Encompassing 144 square miles, Aurora ranks third te both population and size with Colorado. This picturesque city offers views of the Rocky Mountains, large and petite businesses.

David Carradine’s Death Photo

Found dead ter a Bangkok hotel slagroom under mysterious circumstances, a photo of David Carradine’s figure wasgoed published recently by Thai Rath, a Thai tabloid newspaper. described the photo spil portraying Carradine with his forearms tied te.

BigFoot Press Conference Disappointing, Inconclusive (Movies, Photos)

Today’s Bigfoot press conference, held te Palo Parada, California, wasgoed disappointing and inconclusive. With several days worth of buildup and anticipation, the promised DNA results and extra photos leave the wondering public no better off than.

Michael Phelps: Most Successful Olympian Everzwijn

Michael Phelps won his 11th gold medal on Wednesday (his 5th te Beijing) and became the most successful Olypian everzwijn. &quot,When I think about it I keep tearing up. I almost don’t know what to say,&quot, voices Michael Phelps when asked how he feels.

Surfers Myelopathy- Uncommon Surfing Spinal Injury

Surfers Myelopathy is a infrequent spinal injury that afflicts surfers, generally after their very first lesson. Symptoms include low back anguish, feeble gams, inability to urinate. Overheen an hour or so they will have varying degrees of weakness and sometimes.

Chupacabra, Goat Sucker, Seen ter Texas – Photos & Movie

The Chupacabra is one of those legendary creatures like Big Foot or the Locke Ness Monster. There have bot enough sightings to make you wonder if they are auténtico but not enough evidence to prove it. This is not the very first Chupacabra sighting te.

Eddie Duchin

Eddy Duchin wasgoed a popular American pianist and bandleader during the 1930s and 40s. He died of leukemia ter 1951. Today, Eddy Duchin is a hot search topic, but I couldn’t start to tell you why. It’s funny how sometimes things will just inject the.

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