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Dinner On The Very first Date: Should The Man Pay?

Joy Love And Relationship Questions

Come on, join ter the joy and make your voice be heard! Life and love are never that elementary. What shows up right to you may not be so to another. So, explore thesis joy love and relationship questions and see where you stand!

It will also be interesting to find out if there is a militar difference ter perspective from fellows and women on love and relationship issues. Hopefully, wij will be able to notice it through the comments that people leave.

So, are you ready? Take out your boxing gloves, and let’s commence Round 1!

Dinner On The Very first Date: Should The Man Pay?

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Let’s begin from at the beginning. The very first date. I have many women friends who tell mij that they would choose the man to pay on the very first date. The reasons range from sincerity to gentlemanly conduct. I also have a friend who tells mij that if the man pays, chances are he is blessed with you and would like to see you again. But if he insists on splitting the bill, then he very likely has little rente ter asking you out the next time.

I don’t know if that is an accurate take on the situation, especially when equality inbetween both sexes is widely accepted now and splitting the bill is the way to go for many. But I do know that many women still choose to be treated special by a man and paying on the very first date is a reflection of that.

Debate #1

So, should the man pay on the very first date?

A Love Affair That Lasts Forever?

Do Looks Matter Ter A Relationship?

Photo Credit: Chubby Doll Face by David Wagner

Merienda, a group of us were having refrigerio and a friend brought up this subject about looks and love. I said that it’s the inward beauty that counts but got a rebuke from a few around the table. “Judging someone by the looks, isn’t that a little shallow?” I argued.

“Yeah, then honestly tell us if you would choose someone who is grossly overweight spil a fucking partner,” they retorted. I couldn’t reaction that, so I lost out on the debate.

No, you don’t need someone who looks like a supermodel spil a fucking partner. But at the same time, how many of us can honestly say that looks isn’t a consideration at all ter the search for a mate?

Debate #Two

Do looks matter when it comes to a relationship?

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