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Can i wash a hardwood floor?

can i wash a hardwood floor?

And it is dry quick. But i’m not sure it is right to do.

Yes, but just attempt to limit the amount of water you apply to it if the wood isn’t sealed. Use a sponge mop and don’t steam clean it. I always use Murphy’s Oil Soap to clean unsealed hardwoods and it does a excellent job.

If you wash your hardwood floor with water attempt putting a cap total of vinegar te it so that the wood is cleaned. You do not want to let water set for a long time on the floor,because it may absorb it and expand the wood and cause it to become worn down quicker with use.The vinegar acts spil a cleaner and it helps the wood to dry. Do not wash the floor te vinegar everyday. Just Occassionally. Use a Swifer or something like it for surface mess if you want to clean them everyday. The less wear, the less rip.

Specialists te our cleaning service Luxury Cleaning NY opoffering before cleaning the parquet floor, it voorwaarde be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner that will eliminate all grains that can scrape the floor. Then the floor is washed with a rook soft cloth, you can use a special mop. The main thing is that the cloth is well squashed out. Lacquered parquet can be washed using specially designed for this purpose cleaning smeris, applied te stringent accordance with the instructions, otherwise, it is possible to harm the parquet hopelessly. Te our maid service, wij propose after washing the floor, wipe it dry. You can grate the parquet with a special grind, which has a water and mess repellent effect. The varnish will begin to shine again. Some choose to apply paraffin wax instead of varnish to the parquet. This covering can be cleaned using soapy water.

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